Holding an eye closed?

Holding an eye closed?

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Thread: Holding an eye closed?

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    Holding an eye closed?

    Better to relax one eye, or squinch it tight - sighting with the other eye?

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    I'm a firm believer in keeping both eyes open while shooting except at long range distances with a scope. Keeping one eye shut requires too much muscle effort and concentration, when your concentration should be devoted to the target or situation IMO. If you're having issues, I'd suggest getting an eye patch or cover and still leave both eyes open.

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    As long as your shooting with your dominant eye (not necessarily on the same side as your dominant hand) you shouldn't need to close an eye for pistol shooting and "combat ranges." You really don't want to be closing eyes in a gunfight.
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    for using a scope or iron sights on a rifle I use just enough pressure to keep my eye shut,on handguns I may squint a little but keep both eyes open,if you close one eye you will not be able to see a threat from that side
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    When shooting a handgun try as hard as you can to learn to shoot with both eyes open.
    You need both eyes for depth perception and in an actual "life or death" scenario they will both be open - and if you don't come out the winner they will both be closed forever.

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    Keeping both eyes open is not really hard to start doing...takes very little practice from using only one eye. Two eyes is actually a very natural feeling...for me (used to close one eye years ago).
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    For defensive shooting, two eyes open. For sighting-in and making sight adjustments off the bench, closing one eye will give better accuracy for setting your sights.

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    I have trouble sight focusing at ALL with 2 eyes open.

    Im right handed and right-eye dominant, but I can't seem to stop seeing double regardless of what I try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiveLFF View Post
    I have trouble sight focusing at ALL with 2 eyes open.

    Im right handed and right-eye dominant, but I can't seem to stop seeing double regardless of what I try.
    I have the same problem. I have tried for years to break myself of this but just can't stop seeing double with both eyes open
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveInTexas View Post
    Better to relax one eye, or squinch it tight - sighting with the other eye?
    One eye closed for target shooting, but keep both eyes open when point shooting. Point shooting should be what you are doing in a gun fight, God forbid that any of us should ever find ourselves in one.
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    I remember back in Basic my DS had to stick a dollar in my helmet in front of my eye since I had no clue which was dominant and couldn't stop switching between them. I can see closing an eye for zeroing your sites or for long distances with a rifle. But I agree that for combat pistol shooting and CQB you need both eyes open, so I guess you'll just have to suck it up and be forced to go to the range more until you get it right .
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