Had a "BLAST" at the range tonight!

Had a "BLAST" at the range tonight!

This is a discussion on Had a "BLAST" at the range tonight! within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; First let me say, I am now a big fan of Blazer Brass ammo! Shot great and EXTREMELY CLEAN! Bought some on a whim at ...

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Thread: Had a "BLAST" at the range tonight!

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    Had a "BLAST" at the range tonight!

    First let me say, I am now a big fan of Blazer Brass ammo! Shot great and EXTREMELY CLEAN! Bought some on a whim at the Wally World since I had tried WWB a few weeks prior and found it to be amazingly dirty.. I had heard some scuttle about Blazer ammo, but hey, for 14 bucks a box I figured a really couldn't go wrong; and I didn't!

    Anyhow, just wanted to post up some targets for your viewing pleasure. I've been very happy with how quickly I've improved with more range time. Becoming a member of a 24hour pistol club has been one of the most rewarding decisions I've ever made. Although, exspensive!! Anyways, on to the pics! All targets shot at 30 feet with a Taurus 24/7 Pro .45, and a SIG P6(last target).

    This is the best group I've ever shot. 3 shots fired, 1 hole. I was using a rest but standing straight up. I shot it this way because when I first arrived at the range I was having some grouping issues, and my instinct was to blame the gun! So I tried to take me out of the equation, and sure enough it wasn't the gun!

    After shooting a few more targets I had come to realize I was having a hard time aiming precisely with the black circled target. So, I found some lead and drew myself a smaller dot that I would be able to focus on easier. Super happy with this 6 shot group.

    This target was fired at a pretty good click. I would'nt call it rapid fire quite yet, but it was as close as I'll attempt at my skill level.

    Here's one of the P6. I shot some really great groups with it but not as good as what I did with my 24/7. The gun is a super sweet shooter, but it's new to me. With more practice with it I'm pretty sure I'll shoot better with it that my 24/7.. or my 1911.. This was shot pretty darn fast. The 9mm was very very easy to handle. Looking forward to getting better sights(instead of flat black) in the future..

    And since I'm on a posting spree already, here's a few targets I shot with the club president with his pistols a few weeks back. A super sweet kimber 1911 with CT grips, and a SW .357 snubbie, also with CT grips. Same distance.

    5 Shots with his brand spanking new Kimber in SS. Very nice gun. The CT grips made it too easy.

    Not sure if the snub had a trigger job.. But it was scary light. Actually had a bit of an AD! Luckily it hit paper and was on target, but I had only meant to bring my finger inside the trigger guard.. NOT touch off a round!!

    I really need to start reloading, because for as much fun as I'm having I can really see myself spending way too much money on ammo in the future.. It's just too hard to resist when the range is only a mile or so from my house!

    Hope yall enjoyed these pics. Looking forward to any critiqueing and tips!
    I work to buy guns. Not really, but sometimes it feels that way..

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    Very nice! 10yds is a good range to practice at. I'll usually shoot 10-15yds at 9" paper plates. I've been shooting the Blazer Brass lately, the 9mm, 40S&W, and the 45acp, and I'll have to agree with you on what you've said about it. Both of my go-to Wal Marts in the area are stocking it now. Sort of wish that would come in 100rd boxes for an even better price though. Glad you had a good time at the range.

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    Most SD will be within 10 yards closer to the 5-7 yard,I probably shoot 2/3 of my shots 10yds or under
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    I think 'you've got the hang of it'...
    I agree with shooting the closer distance 3-7 yards...any BG target farther away? Run...

    Stay armed...practice...stay safe!
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    I think 'you've got the hang of it'...
    I agree with shooting the closer distance 3-7 yards...any BG target farther away? Run...

    Stay armed...practice...stay safe!
    Agreed...and kudos for practicing.


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    I'm not trying to hijack this thread.... Went to Dicks Sporting goods yesterday, not sure if was sale or normal price. About $9 a box (qty 10 or more) for Remington 115 gr, 9mm. Then had some $10 off coupons, they took multiple coupons off.

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    reloading is definately cheaper. don't know what the price of everything is in your area but we lucked out here and a member of the range my buddies and i go to casts bullets so we get 500 .45 230 grain for $34 don't have to pay shipping or anything and we save brass and pick up as much as we can find. we estimate our costs for 100 rnds to be between $11-13 bucks. but then again we bought 8 lbs of powder 2 years ago so it might be a little higher now. happy shooting.

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