It's already started

It's already started

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Thread: It's already started

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    Unhappy It's already started

    I was at a local gun show this past weekend and the possibility of a Democratic sweep in Washington is already being felt here. There was a run on ammo, hi-cap mags, every sort of "assault" style rifle (AR/AK plus anything that shoots 7.62x39) as well as some major increases in prices. I was late getting to the show (9AM open time) due to a prior commitment and when I arrived after lunch, all the above was almost completely sold out. I talked with several of the vendors I've done business with over the years and according to them, they have been selling out of almost every potential target item for the gun control lobby since September. They said it's getting harder to find AK/AR rifles, mags, compact pistols (especially with capacities over 10 rounds) and the stuff they sell had increased in price considerably since last summer.

    Here's an example. I went to check on a used AR I'd seen at the last show in July - I passed on it at the time since I'd already bought a SIG P-6 at the same show - and to grab a few extra magazines and other parts. By the time I got to the dealer selling the AR he'd already sold a half dozen AR's as well as a couple of AK's he had in stock and other dealers were doing the same. He also said he could have sold a half dozen more AK's but he simply couldn't locate any through his usual sources. BTW, the AR I came to see was still there but I decided to pass on it again. In July he wanted $650 for it but by last Saturday he was asking $999 for the exact same gun. I can buy a NIB S&W M&P or Bushmaster at the local Academy for $899 so why buy a used one for $100 more! I also noticed that 20-30 round mags for AR/AK rifles were in short supply and the prices had increased by at least 25% over the show in July.

    I'm not going to suggest that we all don't stock up on our favorite goodies, but it seems there's a lot of panic buying going on and many dealers are making some major profits for no good reason - at least not yet - and are encouraging the whole thing for a quick profit. Worse yet, many people are buying into the hype and will pay whatever the sellers are asking because they are scared of what may happen after tomorrow's elections. The elections haven't even happened and many people are acting as if the gang of three (Obama, Pelosi and Reed) are going to reinstate the Clinton era assault ban next week. Even if they do take over, Democrats can't push an anti-gun agenda until at LEAST next year and there are many blue dog Dems who wouldn't go along with it.

    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else has already seen shortages and panic buying in their area.
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    I spoke with a friend in Florida last week. He (finally) went to the local shop to buy his first pistol. That small shop had about 30 people buying and customers were stopped in the lane of traffic waiting for a parking spot to open! That shop said it's sales are up 25% this month and 18% ytd. He bought a Ruger P95 for $329. AR-type rifles were almost $1,000 and people were buying 2-3 at a time!
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    I wish I had the money to panic buy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rachilders View Post
    many dealers are making some major profits for no good reason
    Actually, it's the best reason of all, good old supply and demand.

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    How appropriate. I was planning on reloading a bunch of 357 magnum this evening!!
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    Panic Buying

    I've noticed that 9mm, .45 cal., and .223 / 5.56 seems to be in short supply. Before anyone reminds me that there is a war on, I mean shorter supply than a few months ago. Both of my usual mailorder sites (CTD and SG) have long backorder wait times on the cheaper plinking ammo (Barnaul, Wolf, etc). Maybe the Russains are re-tooling and the factories are down or maybe the stuff is getting bought up at a faster rate than normal. I've picked up more brass, powder, primers and bullets in case I have to start reloading again...

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckE View Post
    I wish I had the money to panic buy.
    +1 I don't even have the money to panic browse.
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    I went ahead and bought more AR mags and some for my SW5. I figure the mags will go 1st then maybe the ammo, in legislation.

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    I went to a gun show near New Orleans (Kenner) about a week or so ago and I've been to it several times. I'd say that there were more people there than I've ever seen. Previously I was at a gun show in Lafayette LA and there seemed to be a lot of people there also.

    I don't have any stats as to what they were buying but I'd put my money on high cap. rifles & pistols, ammo and mags. I've pretty much bought all my stuff..........I ain't waiting til the last minute.
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    PANIC BUYING - SELLERS Raking in bigger bucks. It's the American Way!
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    The pricing is a result of a free market society. At least for now. Demand dictates price. When the price point exceeds consumer limits, consumers will cease to buy and the price will balance out.

    I believe the term is "capitalism". Again, at least for now.

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    Dealers aren't getting rich - that ammo they just sold you will probably cost more for them to replace than what they sold it to you for
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    Quote Originally Posted by obxned View Post
    Dealers aren't getting rich - that ammo they just sold you will probably cost more for them to replace than what they sold it to you for
    That would mean to me, that the price increases when your restock prices go up...pass it on.
    If you up the price before the increase, that's gouging.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deadeye72 View Post
    +1 I don't even have the money to panic browse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarge45 View Post
    The pricing is a result of a free market society. At least for now.

    Sigh. Funny but scary, too.
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