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Thread: .22 pistol needed for pistol club

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    .22 pistol needed for pistol club

    Hey everyone..
    there's a gun club that I want to join that meets during the winter months and you must have a 22 pistol. I don't own one so i'm curious as to what you guys would recommend I get. Budget is an issue here so if possible keep the suggestions to something on the lower end of the cost scale.

    I was also looking at the .22 conversion for my Glock but wasn't sure if that was the way to go.


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    I found a used Browning Buckmark for a heck of a deal and couldn't be happier with it.

    The conversion kit is a good idea as you can practice more with your trigger control on your carry gun's trigger as opposed to some other gun.

    The conversion will probably be about the same cost as a .22 pistol, but I think you'd benefit more from the conversion, provided that meets the club's requirements.

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    My Ruger Mark II has been a good pistol for me, although a P.I.T.A. to disassemble and reassemble. Accurate and reliable.

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    I have used Browning Buckmarks for competition for many years, and they are excellent. You won't go wrong with a Browning. And if JD recommends it, you know it has to be good!
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    Yup, the Buckmark is an excellent target pistol. I think the Army Marksman Unit uses them as well. Just be sure to tighten down the top strap screws regularly.
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    What's your budget? Another vote here for the Buckmark. I've owned a bunch of .22 autoloading pistols from; the Walther P22 > Ruger Mark?(s) > Buckmark(s) > High Standard(s) > Colt Woodsman(men) > S&W 41(s) > Marvel 1911 Conversion > Hammerli > Pardini. I've enjoyed them "most" all of 'em (for different reasons). When the dust settled & my mind cleared...I decided the Buckmark (inc. the "sear spring flip") was the best overall compromise.

    Don't know the specifics of your Winter League .22 Pistol Matches (Bullseye, IDPA, etc.). The AA GLOCK Conversions are great for low-budget Practical Defense practice with your Carry Gun. But, by what I've read/seen, I don't think you'll be satisfied or competitive with the inherent accuracy of that conversion (The Marvel 1911 Conversion is an entirely different story).

    Best bet if it's precision shooting (with budget concerns in mind) is a Ruger Mark? or a Buckmark. If you can find a used Ruger Mark, there are tons of tweak info & aftermarket goodies to get it as ready as anything available. IMHO, the buy-in for the Buckmark is usually a bit more expensive, but it requires less money & work to get it up to a competitive level.

    Enjoy shooting this winter & Good Luck!
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    Thanks for the advice everyone...continue to contribute if you would like. It seems like most agree with the Buck Mark or Ruger Mark series of pistols. I'll check with my local shops to see if they have any used Buck Marks around, maybe I'll get lucky.


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