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Carrying a Handgun While Hunting

This is a discussion on Carrying a Handgun While Hunting within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; +1 on checking your state laws. Washington hunting regs. state that no firearm is allowed when bow hunting. optikal, why would you leasve your rifle ...

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Thread: Carrying a Handgun While Hunting

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    +1 on checking your state laws. Washington hunting regs. state that no firearm is allowed when bow hunting.

    optikal, why would you leasve your rifle on the trail while tracking a deer?

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    In Tennessee, it's only lawful to carry a handgun while hunting big game if the weapon meets the legal hunting requirements. Rules say centerfire with a 4+ inch barrel - makes for a wonderful time to have a 1911.

    The bad thing is that it's not lawful to "carry" a handgun while hunting during archery or muzzleloader seasons... because you might "hunt" with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Agave View Post
    The bad thing is that it's not lawful to "carry" a handgun while hunting during archery or muzzleloader seasons... because you might "hunt" with it.
    Is it also not legal to be in a forest during hunting season if you do not have a hunting license?
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    I plan on taking my pocket carry 642 S&W with me (even under bibs). It is my always carry.

    I plan on hunting with a (counts as CC) while hunting. Hunting laws in MI limit capacity (in general) to 6. So I carry my Glock CC.

    I might use the firearm if it was the only option. I carry the sidearm for who ever or what ever I run into. For example, in a blind, you might not be able to reposition a 30.06.

    Not a must have, but the direction I want to take. In the future, when fund are available, I plan on open carry S&W 44 Mag 5 inch revolver as a sidearm, but I will almost always hunt with a 30.06 as a primary deer hunting firearm.

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    Amelia Virginia
    Va allows carry in any hunting season as long as you have a Concealed carry permit. However, the law states that the handgun is not to be used for hunting. The exception to this is that in rifle counties, you may hunt with a handgun provided it meets caliber and MV requirements.(It also has to be the only weapon you are carrying) I have done some deer hunting on my own property with my Ruger Super Blackhawk. But, I haven't taken a deer with it yet.,

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    I usually have a handgun with me when I hunt; normally, a 6" Colt Anaconda .44.

    Mainly, it's there so if I have the opportunity to take a deer with it, I can.
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    I do for the same reasons that have been stated. Dispatching wounded game, defense against other critters while my rifle is set down and I have possibly moved away from it (cleaning game and the like).
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    I have basically given up on deer hunting with a rifle, too easy! I hunt mostly pine, and honeysuckle thickets, where you can get up close and personal. I think the longest shot I have ever made on a deer was around 70yds., and that with a shot gun. I swithced to the bow, but several years ago dear old Arthur crept up on me, and I had to give up the bow. So, I then switched to hand gun hunting only, .44mag. for deer, .22 colt Woodsman for squirles, but I do carry my shot gun with me to the woods, just in case I make a bad shot with the pistol on deer, although that hasn't happened yet!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JAT40 View Post
    In Mass. even LEO's can't hunt with there sidearm during deer season.
    I'm surprised they allow them to carry on the job......
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    [QUOTE=raevan;903995]+1 on checking your state laws. Washington hunting regs. state that no firearm is allowed when bow hunting.

    That is so screwed up, I would think that would be the best time for a side arm. Raevan where on-line did you find that? I have looked on the wildlife huntin reg but nothing specific.

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    Have and plan on it again.

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    I bow hunt west Texas. Besides rattlesnakes, we have to worry about illegal immigrants. We all carry....we have been broken into and stuff stole. We have been out there and Border patrol comes zooming up with 6 or 7 trucks...and starts canvasing the area. Screws up the hunting for a day or two. Nothing like doing your "morning business" lol, and have a helcopter circle above you wondering what you are doing. I just wave hello, lol
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    In Arkansas ,"Concealed Weapon Permit Holders
    *Concealed weapon permit holders may carry a modern handgun, but are not allowed to use it for any hunting purpose. All concealed handgun permit holders must identify themselves to a wildlife officer when complying with an inspection pertaining to birds, fish, game or other wildlife resources" ( AGFC). You can deer and bear hunt with a handgun as long as it's centerfire and has a barrel at least 4 inches long. Small game can be hunter with a rimfire handgun. If I'm hunting with a handgun I carry a Ruger Blackhawk in either 41 mag, 45LC or 44 mag. If rifle or bow hunting I carry my Kahr 9mm.
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    I always have a handgun while hunting. When I walk into the woods my 30-06 is in a back pack sling. If something were to jump out there would be no way to get to my rifle. I have the handgun ready in case of coyote or black bear.
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    Yep, I carry a Ruger Redhawk 44 mag when hunting, including bow season. With my CHL I can do that, without one you can only during gun season.

    Wife got a bow this year and while she was in her blind a pretty large hog went past, she was without her GP 100 since she doesn't have her CHL yet. Next year she will be carrying her pistol as well as her bow.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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