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Stolen gun???!!!

This is a discussion on Stolen gun???!!! within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; well i met the lt yesterday, sat and talked for a minute, couldnt give him much info. he was dissapointed but because the gun was ...

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Thread: Stolen gun???!!!

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    well i met the lt yesterday, sat and talked for a minute, couldnt give him much info. he was dissapointed but because the gun was stole 15 YEARS AGO! he didnt even worry about me, i was only 9 when it was stolen. but he asked me a question that bothered me. when i told him i traded the SKS on an AR-15, he looked at me and asked "why do YOU need an assault rifle!" i told him i love to shoot and frequent the range quite a bit, and that was one of the guns i wanted for my collection. he did admire my 1911 though, as he ran the serial number (i asked him to). so all is well but i am probably out the 150 i paid for it, and probably wont be getting the 125 trade value i got for it. oh well at least im not in jail!
    "If guns cause crime, all of mine are defective."
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    I hate the "why do you need" question-- not just about guns. "Why do you need" is almost always a question posed by someone who should mind their own business or a spouse who doesn't want you to spend money you shouldn't be spending. A spouse is the only person in your life who should ever ask that question. (Possibly a parent if you aren't independent yet.) To the rest, the only proper answer is what business is it of yours.

    I just bought a game for my brother in-law; the guy is about 60. My wife wanted to know, "what does he need that for." Answer, "because he wants it." That's called the pursuit of happiness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by optikal View Post
    Well, i got a call today from the police dept. asking me to come in and talk to them about a gun i traded to a pawn shop for my AR-15.
    i dont know exactly what they want yet but i have to go talk to them tmrw morning when i get off of work.

    i bought an SKS from an individual at a gun show about a year ago, nothing special, just found it for sale and bought it. i have put some extra parts on it and enjoyed it until i could afford another AR-15 because i had to sell mine in school. i traded it last week on my AR-15, and now the police are calling.

    have any of you run into this before? what should i expect? i have nothing to hide or lie about, but i dont want any trouble for making what i thought to be a legit purchase.

    it seems like nothing goes right for me right now....
    Be very quiet to the police my friend. You said you put extra parts on that SKS...
    there is a Federal law regulating the manner in which you can modify an imported gun, I can't quote the exact citation of that law yet... if you know what I am talking about, are you sure you complied with that? If they start asking anything about how you modified that gun, I would shut up right then and there. It's 18 CFR 922(r) and I know there are certain modifications to an SKS that won't make it compliant with 922(r). Take a look here:

    I don't trust the police as far as I can throw one of them.

    I just went back and read your posts and you mentioned the folding stock and detachable magazine. You got really lucky.

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