First gun show

First gun show

This is a discussion on First gun show within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I will be attending my first gun show on Sunday . I have heard a lot from older members about how shows are not what ...

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Thread: First gun show

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    First gun show

    I will be attending my first gun show on Sunday. I have heard a lot from older members about how shows are not what they used to be but i figured i better go to one before they are gone. Ill be sure to report back any good deals I get if there are in fact deals to be had.

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    You absolutely have to go to a gun show! Where and when? You may be able to print you off a dollar off coupon like I do for some of the local shows.
    Three of them listed for that day, four for the weekend.
    Ohio Gun Shows

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    Northwest Ohio
    Medina County Fairgrounds, in the Community Center. Located at 735 Lafayette Road in Medina, Ohio. This Sat and Sun, Nov-15 and 16. 6 bucks to get in if any one in the area is interested.

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    I always enjoy looking at all the goodies. Know your prices if you plan to buy as many times things are no cheaper at the shows.

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    Can't wait for the next one at the Crown Collesium.
    "Without fear there can be no Courage!"

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    If they are like the ones I have been to before I quit going to them, you will most likely find this.

    The building will be filled with tables, supposedly with for sale items on them. Some will be filled with rifles that the owner wants to show you his collection because the price they have on the tags could buy a new B-52.

    Then there will be some guy selling ammo. His boxes of ammo will be 50-100 percent higher than anything you can find on the web, because, well, he is the only one selling ammo at the show and thinks you will buy his.

    There will be guys selling old military technical manuals. On good stuff, you know. Like how to maintain your calvary horse and such.

    Another table will have 284 different types of dried meat. Sure it is good, but at $82.97 a pound, it is a little too high for anyone except for Arab oil ministers.

    Some will be selling holsters. They have 1063 holsters on the table, but none fit your gun. You finally find one that fits, it is either the wrong side(left or right handed), or it costs $484.99 plus tax.

    Some will be selling tupperware, some will be selling belt buckles, some will be selling bowling ball wax, one will be selling junk tools, etc etc etc.

    Then, as you look across the area, you will find 1, or on a rare occassion, maybe 2, vendors that have drawn a crowd. These are the only ones that have anything worth buying. Prices are still ripoff, but they are lower than the old man next door that has the same one laying on his table next to ink pens he sells and he wants you to give up your next 2 male children for something he pulled out of the river.
    And the band played on. and on. and on.

    That is the reason I haven't been to a gun show im my area for over 3 years now. Not worth the $7 bucks to get in the door.

    Good luck to you.
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    My granddaughter's first shoot

    Last week end I took my 12 year old granddaughter to a private canyon for her first shooting experience. She had never heard a gun fired in real life, much less shot a firearm. After going through the usual routine safety instruction, I arranged to get her started on shooting a abox of 9mm. Although I had brought shooting muffs, they had been overlooked during my course of instruction. When she fired the first round, she was so shocked that she was convinced that her ears were ruined. Probably it was good that she could hear the powerful explosive sound of ammunition at least once.

    After putting on the muffs, she commenced shooting. Believing that recoil might affect her, I first held her arms in position until I was satisfied that it would not be a problem.

    At first she was a terrible shot, but improved very significantly by the last round. I was impressed that she was able to load the pistol magazine without a loader, and that she was able to work the slide.

    The day ended when the following dialogue took place:

    Quesiton: "Granddad, will these bullets really kill people?"

    Answer: "I told you when we started how dangerous guns are. The 9mm rounds that you were shooting are the same ones that the military generally uses in their pistols."

    Question: "Granddad, will you buy me a gun?"

    Answer: "Nope! That is a few years away. However, this will inspire you to visit me frequently so that you can go shooting with me."

    My Question: "Did the recoil bother you?"

    Her Answer: "What's that?"

    My Question: "Did it kick when you were shooting?"

    Her Answer: "No, why would it kick me?"

    [I concluded that recoil was not a problem]

    I think that the next trip will be the shotgun with clay targets.

    Edit: My apology - This probably should have been posted to a new thread. However, it was in fact my granddaughter's "gun show."
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    "That is the reason I haven't been to a gun show in my area for over 3 years now. Not worth the $7 bucks to get in the door"
    Plus one, I'm down on the shows too. Crowds, junk & no good deals. Even worse some of them want you to disarm.
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    Wow. You guys must have some really cr...I mean, bad gun shows in your area.

    The ones that I go to around here are always at least 90%+ firearms or firearm-related stuff. No beany babies, no jerky (or, maybe one in the whole place). Just guns, lots of guns, and ammo. Maybe 1 or 2 literature sellers. A few knife vendors. A couple of parts guys...but most tables have guns on 'em.

    Now, the prices aren't all that great...but deals can be had, if one is willing to look and, most importantly, haggle. I always see the pricetag as their opening bid...
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    The last gun show I remember going to here in town was 90% airsoft, 5% tupperware, 4% overpriced antiques and 1% actually worthwhile to buy.

    Too bad the 1% had already been bought!

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    I quit going to shows because I don't like being sneezed on, I don't want any spicy venison jerky, I don't want any made in Pakistan fantasy daggers, I don't want any turquoise jewelry, and I don't want any kook literature.

    Seriously, have a good time and remember, it's all about the fun.

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    I used to enjoy looking, but even that thrill is gone. Too much crap, too few deals, and a hassle with my own gun.
    I quit going...
    But if you've never been to all means go...DON'T buy a CCW badge.
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    Went to the show today in Cincinnati. Line wrapped half way around the building. So I went down the street to Bass Pro to shop.
    Stopped back at the show, smaller line so i went in. Lots of people buying ammo and rifles, saw at least 4 or 5 women walking out with a long gun.
    Spent most my time chenking out knifes, since nobody else was.
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    I usually go to the Medina and Berea shows every other month or so. For the most part, I usually see the same dealers with the same stuff. Every once in a while there's a deal to be had. In the past few shows, I've been looking for a Gold Cup Trophy in SS. I found one at Gander Mountain (new) for less than I've been seeing them used or LNIB. I usually support my local gun shop. They have the same, sometimes better, deals. Depending what you are looking for.
    I'm a bargain shopper and would rather support my local store. The Gander Mountain find was a fluke.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KG4ZRC View Post
    1% actually worthwhile to buy.
    really??? that much.

    we have one come next weekend and i think i will go just to see the freak show with the "RUN" going on. glad i dont feel like i have to buy anything.

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