A Lesson Learned Long Ago

A Lesson Learned Long Ago

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Thread: A Lesson Learned Long Ago

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    A Lesson Learned Long Ago

    I was a State Police Detective Sergeant many years ago and was off-duty at home when I received a telephone call from a person identifying himself as an agent of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. He was inquiring as to "what ever happened to that Smith & Wesson Model 39" I used to own.

    I excused myself briefly, checked my records and returned to tell him that I had traded the 39-2 9mm pistol I'd purchased from Gil Hebard in Knoxville, IL to Sumner Hardware in Louisville, KY on such and such a date several years previously for a High Standard Victor model .22LR target pistol.

    He thanked me for the information and was about to hang up when I told him to, "Hold on just a second", explained that I, too, was in law enforcement, and wanted to know why he was asking about that particular firearm. He replied that it had been used in an armed robbery in Detroit and the agency was attempting to trace its ownership beginning with the original buyer.

    That only emphasized what I already knew, that it is important to keep records of all the firearms that come and go in my life so that I can satisfy any such legitimate investigative inquiries. I still practice that religiously and WILL NOT part with a firearm EXCEPT through an FFL dealer OR a private individual whom I have at least obtained a documented name and address.

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    Good point, thanks for the re-enforcement.

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    Thanks, I have not parted with any; but, will file this away in my brain housing group

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    You make a good point.

    All my pistol sales/trades have been through an FFL...
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    Tell us the worst case scenario of failing to do so. Can they successfully pin a crime on you? Can someone successfully pursue civil procedings against you if the firearm caused them a loss?

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    It happens thru FFL dealers too. When I was still a deputy sheriff, I was called by ATF about a S&W 669 pistol I had owned, that had been used in a homocide in Arizona. I had bought it in near new condition from a local gun store, had it for about a year then traded it to another gun store locally, about 3 years before the homocide.
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