This weekend's range visit

This weekend's range visit

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Thread: This weekend's range visit

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    This weekend's range visit

    I had a wonderful time today at our range. My mentor took me over and we spent about 1.5hrs shooting these homemade 1/4" metal plate targets which fall over and 'clang' when you hit them. There were about 10 targets.
    About 7 guys were part of the fun, we each took our turn ie had all 10 targets to ourself at a time. There was an electronic timer that somehow remembered the time of the last concussion so the old hats could compete against themselves to better their time. I mostly ignored it when I shot. I was shooting my mentor's um....0.40 semiautomatic something or other (sorry the name escapes me!) Many new things! But range safety was always foremost, which pleased me. One old timer said to me, "there are two things you HAVE to do here, and if you can't do them you cannot stay....1. Observe safety rules 2. Have Fun!" I appreciated that a lot!
    Some were shooting revolvers (after seeing the trouble they had loading and with jams I am less keen on them), some had s-a's like I was using...these seemed best. The rangemaster had obviously spent some time doing this, he had a huge custom made gun with a lighted scope and diffuser on the end of the muzzle. He not only hit each target, but he hit the tiny spot of white paint on the center of each target (he had a spray gun and gave each a shot before starting) AND he was able to nail all 10 in under 5 seconds! There were a few gaggle-eyed folks watching this, me included.
    I was pleased with my shooting for the first time with this type of system. I took 28 seconds to carefully get a correct grip, proper stance, sight in and then find each target - I used 2 shots on one or two targets each round it seemed but I was not bothered. The last time I think it was 18 seconds, and the guys gave me lots of encouragement. We were safe and had fun!

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    Sounds like a fun day.

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    Sounds like fun!


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    Any day at the range is a GOOD day! Glad you had fun. I did the range myself today! Had it all to myself!

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    A bad day a the range is better than a good day at work.

    As noted by the OP, yes, revolvers have their problems, too!
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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