You said WHAT ??? (daughter wants a gun now).

You said WHAT ??? (daughter wants a gun now).

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Thread: You said WHAT ??? (daughter wants a gun now).

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    You said WHAT ??? (daughter wants a gun now).

    My daughter, has always been "gun shy" and afraid of guns. Some doing of her mother (now an Ex). She works at the jail in the medical area, and after meeting some of our better members of society (including a known serial killer)... and an attempted rape by a stranger where she whipped the guy's ass.... she's has had different thoughts.

    So, in the meantime I've been teaching my granddaughter (12) and grandson (10) how to shoot rifles, and all of the safety steps, etc. and they are very safe, as well as good shots. My granddaughter, takes to guns and loves to shoot. When my daughter sees how well my granddaughter does and shoots, she is embarrassed some about her fear of guns.

    My daughter has been looking at some of my handguns on & off over the last 1 1/2 yrs, and seeing how they work, safety, etc. Now ... suddenly she calls me up.... and says, "you know that one revolver you have".... " I want it and you to teach me how to shoot it safely". I even stressed she needs to learn when to NOT react, to CONTROL emotions / reactions/ etc., etc.

    YOU SAID WHAT ?? This is a true shock.

    But, there happens to be a gun show next weekend. Guess where we are going..... and I told her that she could get one of her own and I'ld be taking her to the range and the farm, to learn to shoot.... and how to handle them safely, etc. I warned her, you will now have to go with me to the range and gets lots of practice too.... she said that was fine, she wanted to do that.

    I'm in shock right now. I never thought she would get interested.... or see why 'dad' carried one. Now, she understands.

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    That's great!!

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    Great! Now get her to that gun show, and perhaps there will be a CCW class there that she can take. Take care of everything in one trip?

    Stay armed...arm the whole family...stay safe!
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    Great! Now going to the range can be a family outing.
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    Bravo! Sometimes good things DO happen!

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    Very cool! Now if your daughter could talk to my wife
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    Many fears are irrational. Many fears take time to overcome. She's got much of your intelligence and common sense ... it just took an attempted rape, a career of seeing felons, and a gaggle of children to show her the simplicity of the problem. She's coming to see that protection of her family is the first goal, and that it'll be easier to achieve avoidance of certain situations with increased knowledge, capabilities. Good for her!! Good for the children.
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