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    I got to thinking at the range the other day, if the membership includes any insurance as many memberships do. I will have to find out.
    [Edited] happens it seems; I read about the hunter whose 'stray' bullet killed a baby on the weekend, and there was that .50 caliber bullet in the DFW area recently that went 5 miles and hit a lady.
    So it would be reasonable to wonder about insurance.
    Does homeowner's provide any?
    Does anyone worry about it?
    I presume there is liability that can be assigned to an owner, in a worst case scenario.
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    Look at an Umbrella policy. Most require hefty underlying limits (minimum coverages on your base policies), you might also check out NRA.
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    Another great question...the law of unintended consequences. I practice at a certified range...but I suspect you can buy insurance for just about a price of course.


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    Check into an umbrella policy. You should be able to get a 2 million dollar policy for a fairly cheap price.
    I find high limit umbrella policies a must have here in California.

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    Another vote to check out an umbrella policy. It's usually only available with the highest limits on your homeowners coverage, and handles anything that exceeds said limits. Compared to the base cost, umbrella insurance is typically very affordable.
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