Sure gave a delivery man a start!

Sure gave a delivery man a start!

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Thread: Sure gave a delivery man a start!

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    Sure gave a delivery man a start!

    Saturday afternoon the door bell rings. I'm in the living room so I head to the 3 steps down to the main floor where the door is. My wife is heading my way wagging her finger back and forth in a "No" gesture. I said, "what's wrong". She says "there is a guy at the door and he doesn't look very nice". My two chocolate labs are all-the-while baking up a storm. I pull my shirt up and tuck it in behind my .45 and say, "I'll take care of this". I grabbed the two dogs by the collars and look out the window. I could see a florist delivery truck in front of my neighbor's driveway which my wife didn't see. I open the door, forgetting about my exposed gun, holding my two jumping, barking dogs to ask what he wanted. He sees the dogs, and I am sure the gun and takes about 3 giant steps backward. He just wants to leave a delivery with us as my neighbor isn't home. At that moment she appears and all is well. I know the poor guy must have had a small heart attack with my greeting. I know, I know, now this guy knows I have a gun but I thought it was the best course of action until I found out what he was after.

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    Reminds me of the pizza delivery scene in "Man of the House", with Tommy Lee Jones!
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    I had knock on my door at about 9:15 p.m. Grabbed my weapon, held it behind my leg, flipped on the porch light, peeped thru the peephole and guess what - the UPS delivery man! When I opened the door, I guess my hand was hanging next to my leg showing my weapon, instead of having it tucked behind my leg. His eyes got as big as golf balls, thought he was going to have a stroke. I apologized to him after realizing what I'd done, but also said you can NEVER be too careful. The same guy has made subsequent deliveries to my house and ALWAYS sits in the drive and "honks".
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    We can open carry on our property, and I was actually supposed to be concealed but as I was doing some things the t-shirt pulled up, got caught on the handle and was exposing the gun.

    that's when my "new" neighbor decided to come over and introduce himself. He saw it, never said a word, we had a nice chat, and he went back home. If it bothered him, he never showed it in any way.

    That's how it should be.

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