Locking up firearms

Locking up firearms

This is a discussion on Locking up firearms within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I'm kind of new to owning firearms. I recently got my first pistol over the summer, but I've been to the range a few times ...

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Thread: Locking up firearms

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    Locking up firearms

    I'm kind of new to owning firearms. I recently got my first pistol over the summer, but I've been to the range a few times before that with friends. I have a small safe for the pistol so that's not the issue. I want to buy a rifle soon but I don't want to spend a lot of money on a large safe or case to fit one rifle (or hopefully several). I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or know of relatively cheap safes for rifles. Keep in mind that I live with my parents and I younger siblings.

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    Got any old refrigerators in the back yard? Just kidding....actually I have a couple....yeah, redneckville for sure. Just an idea with a hasp and padlock. Look to the future, and check out Wal Mart's Sentry safes.

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    A construction job site box (greenlee, knaack, etc..) is viable. They can be found used at pawn stores, the web etc... They are heavy and can be chained down...
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    The cheap electronic safes for sale will likely start beeping on you after about 6-9 months, you can use a key to open them.

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    Depends on rifle,if you are talking about making it safe then you can use a gun lock thru the action,or a bolt action rifle you can remove the bolt and put it in your vehicle,an AR15 remove the bolt carrier group
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    I'd get a safe that was more than a metal 'carrying case'...
    You're going to fill it anyway...eventually.
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    not having a safe for firearms is a bad idea in case of fire right? If you have ammo in the house it will go off and someone could get hurt right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey View Post
    not having a safe for firearms is a bad idea in case of fire right? If you have ammo in the house it will go off and someone could get hurt right?
    As far as damage in the fire, correct. But ammo going off will not likely happen. We have had this very discussion here before, but my search skills stink so someone else will have to post the link to it. The general consensus was the powder would fizzle out and burn before sending a round flying through the house, IIRC.
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    ohh, ok I didn't know that. I though that bullets will be flying all over the house.

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    Actually its the brass end that will move because the bullet out weights the hull. They might go off in a safe but they would never be able to penetrate the walls or door. I have burn barrels on my range and sometimes I will throw a old round or 2 in there when they are on fire. I wouldn't stand there next to it for nothing and I always do it when I am alone. The rounds always go off and I have never seen any holes added to the barrel nor have I seen anything fly out the top.
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    Yah think about an exploding bullet as like a m80 or something like that. It not as powerfull but it just explodes. The reason is because the bullet doesnt have a tunnel to travel down thus creating backpressure. SO what happens instead is the pressure builds untill it finds a weak point and blows thru. Hope that helps and is correct. I have seen a bullet explode but not in slow-mo. I was just told that by a professor of physics, so no i not smart but i know you didnt think i was anyway.... I going to go and cry in the corner now.
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    If you can only afford a minimal safe, the Sentry or Stack On ones at Walmart or other places will keep the firearm out of reach from smaller siblings. No there not going to give much or any fire protection, but neither does the leather or plastic case or whatever you would be using without one.

    You can keep the firearm, ammo, and other shooting or cleaning supplies all in one place out of the reach of people who don't need to be touching the things.

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