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Interior Decorating

This is a discussion on Interior Decorating within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; When you folks quit laughing at the thread title - and yes I am a male- I will continue. Thank you. *smirk* I have a ...

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Thread: Interior Decorating

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    Interior Decorating

    When you folks quit laughing at the thread title - and yes I am a male- I will continue.

    Thank you. *smirk*

    I have a lady friend whom works in a gun friendly environment. Has not been there all that long and still in the stages of getting to know everyone and all the newest employee stuff. Oh she has credentials, very good at what she does, just being the newest is - well we have all been there.

    Men and Women have Firearm related wallpapers on Computers, pictures of hunting, shooting, firearms, a box of ammo used for a paper weight..

    She asked her husband for ideas. He mentioned perhaps a Reproduction of tin sign for a firearm manufacturer, or ammo company. Some of those already- she replied.

    Now she is a great interior decorator, does so without spending a lot of money- just has that "knack".

    She is also quite good with her hands and tools.

    You know that old saw "when a kid is quiet they are up to / into something" ?

    When this wife is in the shop, making noises , being quiet, making more noises, funny smells...comes into house, back out to shop with a certain grin...hubby knows to play stupid. Wife is up to something. Drives him nuts and peaks curiosity.

    She hides this box from hubby , whatever is in the box is going to her office Monday Morning. If hubby 'just has to know' - he can come by and buy her lunch.

    <You folks enter comment about women being sneaky and all - I'm not going to yelled at by Betty. She is armed and who knows how many guns and sharp pointy things she has on person>

    Quart size of Hoppe's Number 9 bottle. With "flowers". Not just any "flower". She took brass and split them along with shotgun shells. Picture shells and hulls split, splayed like flowers. Used brazing rods for stems and soft soldered.

    Seems she got carried away and not all these would fit into the opening of Hoppe's bottle. She used a glass cutter - hubby has yet to figure out just how and where this thing appeared - and cut just above the label. Then she used the gel stuff one uses to do flower decorations , same get one uses to suspend stuff in a clear vase. Think fruit in Jello.

    She did not say a word , just put this in her office. Naturally it did not take long for word to get around. Glass offices and she comes back from being down the hall to see folks pointing and commenting.

    Hubby tripped out. Puffed chest "my gal".

    Red, yellow green , blue shotshell flowers "arranged" with various brass "flowers".

    Oh she polished the brass with SemiChrome and laquered them to stay bright.

    She has folks offering to buy it, and everyone just 'has to know' how she did it.


    Hubby does not know it, he is getting a Lucite Block, with various gun parts she has been collecting from their gunsmith. Cylinder from a Revolver , with triggers, hammers, and who knows what else she scrounged. She may do another one with various spent brass so he could use them for book ends.

    Looking forward to this project. The Flowers in a Hoppe's vase is just too cool. I think she may do small ones with small Hoppe's bottles for fun and gifts.


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    Well, "worthless" is not correct... but I'd love to see a pic of the project!

    How great that your friend works in such an environment. Most of the creative community generally seems to be a bit 'left of center', at least all the ones I work with (I'm a TV editor/graphic designer).

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    Thumbs up Ha Ha

    Have you seen the wall sconces that are cast, white, Colt .45 Semi Auto 1911s pointing up to the ceiling??? I honestly DID see them on the web (a while back) but, forgot to save the web page.

    I love the 3 Gun Flower Vase

    BTW DITTO on the Photographs. It would be NEAT to see that!
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    Yes, PLEASE get a picture!!!!

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    Yes we need a pic

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    Steve - another great read and thx.

    One talented lady it seems - one I'd want on my team any day
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    And, who knows? She might end up with a nice little enterprise. The lucite block sure sounds appealing to me and I might want to buy one.
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