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Felon arrested at gunshow

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Thread: Felon arrested at gunshow

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey View Post
    I thought there is no back ground check on rifles????
    Background checks are required for all weapon purchases.

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    Also wanted to add, that I used to be for MORE enforcement at gunshows. That however ended a couple of years ago............

    Prior to that time......the gun shows in the Richmond area had undercover BATFE agents working the crowd. My wife & I attend most of the shows & we were at this particular show. While at a lot of the shows, we witnessed arrests of felons, who tried to buy firearms.

    What would happen is the BG would try to buy a firearm & when they were denied by the 'Instant Check'.....The BATFEs would arrest them on the spot........All well & good, one less miscreant obtaining a firearm..........right?

    I'm all for it at this point..........UNTIL......

    Then at one of the shows at the Richmond Fairgrounds (RIR- Richmond international Raceway), the BATFE in league with Richmond, Henrico & Chesterfield Police depts.......WENT WAY TO FAR!

    When a buyer went to buy a firearm from a FFL dealer.....The buyer filled out his required forms. The dealer then took the forms to the office, that the Va State Police setup, to make the 'Instant Check' go smoother (adding the onsite system was a GOOD THING!). At this point is where it went WRONG! The BATFE intercepted the forms (WHICH IS & WAS ILLEGAL!). The BAFTE would then dispatch patrol officers from the different localities......The patrolmen would go to the buyer's home (remember the buyer is AT THE SHOW! He's NOT AT HOME!).......They would knock on the door & if someone answered they would ask the occupant if they knew that 'John Doe' was at the gun show buying a gun! If no one answered they went next door & informed the neighbor that 'John Doe' was buying a gun at the show!

    This is NOT an exaggeration! There was a firestorm over this!

    So how far are we willing to go to appease the antis?..........Where do we draw the line on our privacy? What would be the next infringement to follow?.....Will the anti's limit how many firearms you can own? (They already limit you in some localites to how often you can buy one.....)....Will anybody that owns more than say......two firearms.... have to get an 'arsenal license'? Or be requireed to submit to 'safety inspections'?

    We give in at our peril.............My line in the sand has already been crossed by the goverment....The government has proved to go to far in any endeavor that they put their grubby paws on....(again I'll ask....Name for me ONE government program that works as intended & costs what they say it will?)......& with a new anti administration it isn't going to get better!
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    Please stop using abbreviations and actually tell us what you mean.

    FTF=private sale

    The anti's are not trying to close a loop hole, they are trying to BAN private sales. The abbreviation confuses the issue and plays in to the anti's aurgument. Then you ARE an idiot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rustynuts View Post
    +1. By NOT supporting closing the FTF loophole at gunshows I believe we are doing ourselves as gun owners a disservice. Makes us look idiotic to the Brady types.........

    And THAT'S a problem?

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    But, I don't understand. Gun shows are simply markets of death. Anyone can buy a gun there. There are "loopholes"! Why did this felon have to submit to a background check at a gun show??

    Do you mean to tell me that our incoming Socialist in Chief and the Liberal ilk are exaggerating when they hype these "loopholes"?? I am SHOCKED!

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    "What do you mean I can't buy an AK?" "OK, then can I trade ya this one for it?"

    What a moron!

    Glad the system works, unlike the Brady Bunch will admit to.
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    I wonder if the pistol was "hot" and he was trying to get rid of it .

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    I don't believe there is a gun show loophole. If a dealer sells at a show, the background check has to be done for a sale. A private party at a show doesn't have to do so. This is no different than day to day sales. The current system seems to work as demonstrated in the article. Kudos to the alert officer and the salesman for their actions.
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