Hammer Fired vs. Internal Striker

Hammer Fired vs. Internal Striker

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Thread: Hammer Fired vs. Internal Striker

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    Question Hammer Fired vs. Internal Striker

    Help me out with this one team.....

    I've been hearing and/or reading that hammer fired handguns (1911's, sigs, hk usp's, beretta 92's, etc.) are more relliable than internal striker handguns (such as xd's/glocks/etc.). Is this true???? Has anyone heard the same thing??? What proof is there???

    Just wondering before I get my next one. It may play a part in the decision.


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    Never had a failure from my glock.
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    Sounds like B.S. to me. Glock, XD, Kahr, Walther P series and many others seem to be very reliable.
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    I don't think it's true and I have never actually heard that before.

    If you think about it, and external hammer vs. an internal striker, the external hammer has a much greater chance of being blocked or otherwise kept from working properly than the enclosed and inaccessible internal striker.

    I carry a Glock 23 and my wife carries an XD .40sc and neither of them has ever malfunctioned at all nor failed to fire.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rocky View Post
    Sounds like B.S. to me. Glock, XD, Kahr, Walther P series and many others seem to be very reliable.
    I agree.

    Personally, I prefer striker-fired guns for SD. I love my Glock and my XD.


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    Quote Originally Posted by rocky View Post
    Sounds like B.S. to me. Glock, XD, Kahr, Walther P series and many others seem to be very reliable.
    Yeah...I 'll have to agree. B.S.

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    I've never had any problems with any of the striker fired pistols I own and have owned.
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    If anything I would think that an internal striker may have potential for fewer things going wrong with it.
    Although it may be nice to have the external hammer there just as something extra to play around with.
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    One thought:
    It is possible the discussion was about a second strike capability. With a double action, if the gun goes "click" when it should have gone "bang", you can pull the trigger a second time. With most striker fired and single actions, you have to work the slide and eject the cartridge before you can pull the trigger again.
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    Nope....never a problem with striker fired pistols.
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    Me too, have XD 9mm and have never had a problem. I have had mine for 3 years now and love it.
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    Never heard that one. I wouldn't think so. While I carry a 1911 and would never own a Glock, XD, etc., the striker system is not the reason why.

    Dependability is a function of a properly built and maintained firearm firing quality ammo that the gun was built for.

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    I don't think on a whole you will find that one is any more reliable than the other. It all depends on the quality of workmanship put into the design and building of the gun.
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    Hammer fired designs use a hammer that drops upon a spring loaded firing pin.The hammer overcomes the tension of the spring and the firing pin slams the primer to set if off.The hammer is held by a sear, that is dropped when the trigger is pulled, allowing the hammer to go forward.

    Striker designs use a spring loaded firing pin that is held off of the firing pin by a sear that is "dropped" when the trigger is pulled which lets the spring loaded firing pin slam into the primer and ignite it.

    Both designs work and have been for quite some time. Bolt action rifles use the striker design. Any pistol that does not have a hammer uses the striker design.

    As already noted, the Glocks and XD's use it and they are known to work quite well. The Colts, Sigs and HK's that use hammers are also known to work well.

    If it were me, I wouldn't choose a gun based specifically on the design of the mechanism. Instead, I would concentrate upon how it felt in my hand, how I could manipulate the controls, how it naturally pointed for me.
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    Without looking at any real data, I'm not sure there's a difference worth worrying for any quality handgun. In theory, the striker design will have fewer moving parts, and fewer that rotate. That should provide less opportunity for failures... way out there in like the sixth decimal point.
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