How many of you had to use your pistol in SD?

How many of you had to use your pistol in SD?

This is a discussion on How many of you had to use your pistol in SD? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Just currious if anyone had to defend themselfs or any others??...

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Thread: How many of you had to use your pistol in SD?

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    How many of you had to use your pistol in SD?

    Just currious if anyone had to defend themselfs or any others??

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    By "use" do you mean physically or just presentation?

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    I wouldn't expect an avalanche of replies. There are numerous folks on here who have, but the tendancy seems to be that they don't like/want to talk about it. Some don't seem to mind, but most seem to choose not to talk about it.
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    I have had to use my duty weapon (when doing private security) to make an arrest and thankfully no shots were fired. The subject and a partner had broken into a building we were contracted to patrol. The partner took off when the light from my flashlight hit him. The one I arrested came out into the alley I was in on his own. I never drew my 4" S&W 686 so fast in all my life. My elbow hurt for three days afterwards. The subject was about 19 - 23 years old and his hair started to turn grey/white right there. Local police arrived in less than 60 seconds after the arrest. Our radios had telephones built in and I was on the phone with the police dispatcher when he came out. There were other times (building searches and the like) but this was one of the more memorable ones.

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    they fall in to two groups.

    those that are still in litigation. better to not say anything to anybody

    those that feel really bad that they had to use their gun. We all say we would and talk positively and even agressively but I'm sure when the SHTF there will be plenty of personal second thoughts over the situation.
    I carry to protect myself and my loved ones from the BG's. Not to solve societies problems. That said: if more carried the deterrent would only have a positive overall effect on those problems.

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    Drew, but did not need to fire.

    Had a two-on-one attack against me in a darkened parking lot, after I had started carrying. The one guy came across me from the opposite aisle of cars asking a question about bumming a cigarette, while his accomplice headed around to the right, behind me. I immediately hunkered down between the two cars to my left, in my aisle, and drew my S&W 442 revolver, demanding that he stop his attack. He and his accomplice immediately broke off and disappeared.
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    I know for certain a search would lead you to at least a couple topics on this subject.

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    Yoda, I am, yes.

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    I had on one occasion to "show" my pistol to a couple of gentlemen.
    They thanked me for letting them see it and promptly left the area.


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    Not a question many people (rightfully) like to discuss whether because they shouldn't and/or can't (legally) or don't want to.
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