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Obama's Effect

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Thread: Obama's Effect

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    Quote Originally Posted by shooter76blue View Post
    I just hope that all these folks who are buying up these weapons stand up with the rest of us when and if we have to defend the right to have them!!!

    And I hope they have or will take the training needed to use these
    weapons properly. There are so many first time gun buyers out there right now it worries me a bit. I feel its our duty to some degree to help these folks get proper training. Having the right to bear arms is GREAT, having them and knowing how to handle them properly is of the outmost importance! This is just my opinion.
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    How does one conclude that people buying guns before Obama/Biden and a Demoncratic (intentional) Senate and Congress take office, is panic buying?

    It sounds like smart buying to me. If the AWB is passed and it now has a much better chance of passing, would you same guys be saying they should have known what was coming?

    IMO, it is definitely the Obama effect. Let's see, this 'panic' buying as it's being called, comes right before Obama takes office. Do you really think people would have 'panicked' if Obama/Biden were pro-gun?

    The fact is Obama/Biden are rabid anti-gunners and have demonstrated and vocalized their anti-gun/gun control goals. With a co-operative or coerced Senate and Congress, we simply don't know what might happen.

    I'm really surprised that we, that motto, "Better to have and not need, than to not have and need.", would critisize anyone for buying now just in case Obama can make his gun control goals come true.
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