The advantages of multiple calibers

The advantages of multiple calibers

This is a discussion on The advantages of multiple calibers within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Just called Dick's Sporting goods. They have 9mm target ammo on sale for $9/box. The conversation went somewhat like this: Clerk: Dick's Sporting Goods Me: ...

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Thread: The advantages of multiple calibers

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    The advantages of multiple calibers

    Just called Dick's Sporting goods. They have 9mm target ammo on sale for $9/box. The conversation went somewhat like this:

    Clerk: Dick's Sporting Goods

    Me: Hi. You have 9mm ammo on sale. Do you have any in stock.

    Clerk: Yes

    Me (very excited): You do??!!

    Clerk: No

    Me (confused): Well do you or don't you?

    Clerk: Yes, we do have 9mm ammo on sale, but no, we don't have any in stock.

    Me: Ugh. Can I get a rain check?

    Clerk: No. There is a 6 month waiting period on 9mm ammo.

    OK fine. So I called another store who sells ammo. BiMart. Sort of like WalMart, but people don't get trampled there. They don't have any 9mm ammo either. Plenty of .45 ammo at $75/250 pack and .40 ammo at $67/250 pack. They do not carry any .357 Sig. I was thinking of getting a .357 Sig barrel for my .40 Glock, but if I can't get any ammo, why bother spending the money on a barrel I can't use.

    Good thing I have guns in multiple calibers. May cost a bit more, but at least I can shoot.
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    Is that 9mm $9 box a box of 50? If so I don't see what the excitement is over, my Walmart sells 9mm WWB for less than that...I guess it varies by area a lot.
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    Your on the wrong coast EMP, plenty of 9mm, .40 and .45 available here, and not nearly as expensive as out there either.
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    Best reason for multiple calibers is multiple guns!!

    No Dick's here. Just Wally World and Gander Mountain. I keep hearing about the good prices on WWB but haven't seen it lately. Plenty of ammo but not good prices. The best bet for me has been mail order through Natchez Shooter Supplies.

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    Good prices don't seem to be part of the landscape where I am. Gander is expensive. Sometimes their neighbor Academy is a tad better but they have a more limited ammo selection. Wally has stuff but you can't find someone to help you buy it and they keep it locked, so you can't get it to a checkout counter.

    I have mostly just decided I'll buy stuff where the range is, pay a tad more, and hope they stay around a long time.

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    I started reloading years ago to save money on ammo. Not only do I save some cash (it feels like more than it is because I generally don't run out of all the components at once), but I really like doing it too.

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    Yep, multiple calibers is good. Reloading good, also, and having a .22 semi auto pistol is good. Don't think there will ever be a shortage of .22, and if it goes up by 100 percent it will still be cheap enough.

    Keep your options open. The more options, the more chances you have to shoot. Oh, and yea multiple calibers means more guns, good too.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    I had the opposite experience. Last time I was at my Walmart they were almost completely out of 45acp, but had plenty 9mm and 40SW. Luckily though, my Walmart stocks a lot of ammo, and they get more in stock almost daily.


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    No need for mutiple calibers, just keep more in stock @ home for those dry spells.

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    someday (hopefully not) we just may have to depend on whatever ammunition we may be able to find, whether it be .25, .357mag, .45 or anything above-between-larger. Even if some are low end, inexpensive weapons (in my "seldom used" calibers), I can utilize 9 different chamberings of pistol ammunition.


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    Agreed Farron.

    In fact that is how I train and in fact trained this weekend, Sat & Sun.
    I ran 4 boxes of 9mm across two days and two boxes of 50 in .22 via a top end conversion across the same duration. I fired just 20shots of .45 ACP on Sat.
    My focus was on running transitions and doing failure to stop drills. For such .22 is great for volume and trigger work while 9MM is best for approximation of real world fire without the attendant cost of .45.
    All run on the same platform, 1911.

    - Janq
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    Step 1: Start reloading.

    Your dilemma with the "on sale but out of stock" merchandise reminded me of this:

    YouTube - The Cheese Shop sketch, Monty Python
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    Funny conversation. Abbot and Costello-ish?
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    Buy mail order.

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    Support your local gun'll have all you need. My gun shop gives me a good price and I buy in large lots. When I call or stop in, I get and lock in a price...right then...I have it within a few days.
    My last purchase was over 8K rounds...sure they're good to me.
    I have various calibers, but have focused on .45, 9mm, and .223...lots of it.
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