A decision to make

A decision to make

This is a discussion on A decision to make within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I am interested in the opinion of anyone that might like to comment on my dilemma. Recently I purchased a Kahr PM9, shot 300 rds ...

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Thread: A decision to make

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    A decision to make

    I am interested in the opinion of anyone that might like to comment on my dilemma. Recently I purchased a Kahr PM9, shot 300 rds and had 12 failure to go into battery, sent the gun back (after two rude conversations with Kahr employees, them being rude to me). Get the gun back, and fire 400 rds, everything is fine with shoot and feed department. However, now when trying to clear a round from the chamber, i.e. to clean, show or store the gun. I have to pull the slide back very fast and hard (almost faster and harder than possible) and the gun has to pointed directly at the ground. First, I know pointing at the ground is better than horizontal, but perfectly vertical ? that is the only semi auto I own that does that and plus my feet are down there. Second I have tried five different brands and loads of bullets no difference.

    Before purchase, I read and heard only positive about the Kahr. I had such a negative experience with the staff the first time I retuned (at my cost) I don't really want to go through it again. PLus, I think I have lost confidence in this gun. If I ever had any.
    So here is the question, is the gun worth the effort or will I be chasing
    ghosts with this gun forever ? my second choice was a Smith & Wesson Air Weight I cant help thinking if I had bought that I be carrying it and not pepper spray.

    Your thoughts ?

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    If your not going to carry the Kahr then you should get what you will carry. But in the meantime something is better than nothing.

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    I have a Kahr TP9, I am sure its pretty close to what you have and I have no issues. I am at a toss up on what to carry, I have a SIG 45 cal or my Kahr 9mm. My Kahr is lite and easy to conceal, both guns never jam.

    Did you try using different ammo ? I know some people on this board recommend trying to use different ammo.

    I currently use Winchester lugar 9mm bought at Wall Mart
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    Sounds like the extractor tension is too tight to me.

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    If I had that kind of experience I'd really be tempted to ditch it. Of course then there are always the S&W lock problems if you go that route, too

    Get a no-lock S&W if you don't trust the Kahr.
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    Your problem does not seem insurmountable to me. Some initial FTF is usually the norm with many semi-autos these days.

    Failure to go into battery can be caused by a number of things. Extractor too tight or too sharp. - Slide too tight or a bur - rough or too tight barrel chamber - rough breech face - the list goes on but, all are usually easily and inexpensively corrected.

    Concerning the problem you are having right now. It's likely something very minor.
    What I would do (were I you) is find a good local gunsmith right in your area and have that smith look it over.

    Obviously you do not want to deal with sending it back to Kahr for a repeat performance and I don't blame you.

    My best guess is that a good local "smith" can get your firearm running perfectly by doing some very minor things that are easily accomplished by any good gunsmith.

    Probably just lightly polishing the barrel chamber and fine tuning the extractor would do it to take care of your extraction problem.

    Then you can begin to trust it again.

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    QKShooter is on target. The experience with the Kahr was about the same. Before dropping a few bucks on the local smith, take the thing out and shoot the snot out of it! Run it hot and dirty. I do mean hot. Just hose a few hundred rounds downrange. No cleaning just lube if you need it. If yours is like some of the Kahrs I've seen about 1200 rounds total should fix the problems. The Kahr 9mm is a good little platform. It would be a shame to give up on it at this stage of the game.

    p.s. I have had great experience with their customer service. Go through their smiths rather than the counter person.
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    I would call Kahr and ask to speak to the person in charge and tell him that you are a member of this forum and you will be letting us know how this was handled. I would also ask that they pay shipping cost this time since they did not get it right the first time.

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    What does it do if it's not perfectly vertical?

    Does it stay locked, or reciprocate without removing the cartridge from the chamber?


    Ps--I've never kept a gun that I've lost confidence in. I get 'em fixed and they are gone, with full disclosure to the new owner.
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    I love my Kahr........ and individual guns can have issues, no matter the manufacturer.......but having said that, the one thing I won't tolerate is rude or non-responsive customer service.

    I'd prob take my issue directly to the head cheese and if I didn't get an appropriate sense of concern/urgency, I'd move on.

    There are just too many good guns out there to choose from to put up with someone who isn't concerned about your problems with their product.
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    If the gun is not vertical, when trying to eject a live round ,so as to clear the weapon, the bullet comes out of the barrel just far enough to jam or cock in chamber. This causes a very interesting problem. It then takes two people to clear. One to keep the slide back and the other to grab the bullet, all the while keeping the gun point in safe direction and no body parts in front of it.


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    I agree with the break in period. Go burn some ammo.

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