Wood gun cabinet

Wood gun cabinet

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Thread: Wood gun cabinet

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    Wood gun cabinet

    When I bought my safe I wanted to put it in my bedroom, but it was to heavy and big to go up the steps.
    I would like to get a wood gun display case to put in my bedroom. Most of my guns will still be kept in the safe, I would just put a shotgun and a couple 22's in the cabinet.
    Does anybody use one of these that you could recomend?
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    A display case says "Steal me!" to any burglar. I guess you could put your cheaper guns in the case as a decoy.

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    Get one of the fire rated wood ones. You know, the ones that make sure your guns burn first and then further accelerate the fire!! Make sure they use plenty of poly too!!

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    Come on now, the wood ones are a classic! I had one for awhile, but my new house doesnt have a place for it so I gave it away.
    I bought mine from a Amish guy who had a small furniture store set up in a barn, it was pretty nice. I wish I still had a place for it.
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    I found this after a quick search, Gun Cabinet Home-Firearm Display Cabinets
    I personally love the idea of a display case. I'm too paranoid to leave my guns in one all the time but I enjoy looking at them enough to own one and put some choice weapons out for display once in a while.


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    When I was a kid, we had a gun rack that hung on the wall over my PARENT'S BED ! Now that's decor' at its finest. The guns were there because we were proud of them, they were accessible, and that's where everyone kept them. More affluent folks had the wooden gun cabinets with the glass doors on front. We craved having one, but never did. I think our gun rack may have had some sort of locking device on it, I don't really remember, nevertheless it was never locked. The wrath of my dad overwhelmed any foolish gun handling thoughts.

    At the time (1960's) the thought of someone breaking in and stealing our guns was pretty much unheard of.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ppkheat View Post
    The wrath of my dad overwhelmed any foolish gun handling thoughts.
    AMEN. The fear was what kept me out of more trouble

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    I wouldn't use a 'showcase' for any of my weapons in today's world. I do not want anyone to see or know about my weapons.
    It's almost as wooden showcases have outdated themselves. OMO

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    I have a few older rifles, 2 of them non-functioning, a pellet gun and a black-powder colt navy pistol replica in a glass front, wood gun-cabinet my brother made in high school shop class. (40ish years ago) I routed a 3/4" welded chain though the trigger guards of the rifles, out the back of the cabinet thrugh 2 holes and back in, locked together with a Ruger gun lock. It will keep the kids form getting them but still see the guns, and I will put their BB guns in it when they get them. (kids are 3 & 5, so soon for the 5yr old). I know it wont stop a determined burglar but it will keep them occupied and hopefully out of the gun safe.

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