Stupid People with Guns

Stupid People with Guns

This is a discussion on Stupid People with Guns within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Let me start by explaining that this is a story that a friend of mine shared with me, and I don't have any details other ...

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Thread: Stupid People with Guns

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    Angry Stupid People with Guns

    Let me start by explaining that this is a story that a friend of mine shared with me, and I don't have any details other than what you are about to read.

    So I have a few friends that work at a restaurant here in Baton Rouge. After normal hours, the restaurant is sometimes rented out for private parties. Usually the restaurant doesn't have any security of its own, but on this particular night, a security company (I believe it was 3 guards) was hired for the party. This company was not hired by the restaurant itself, but by the person or organization that was having the party. The way I understood it was that the owner of the security company was friends with whoever was throwing the party and that is why they were hired.

    My friend was bartending, so he had a good view of what these guys were doing all night. To start off he noticed that some of the security personnel were dancing and partying (but not drinking) like they were part of the party. Only difference was they had XD40s strapped to their hips.
    Dumb move #1

    This restaurant isn't in the best of areas, and the parking lot is not well lit, but for large parties porta-potties are placed outside for the guests. As the night progressed, my friend was outside smoking a cigarette when a girl near him said that she needed to go to the restroom, but she was scared to go alone. My buddy and one of the security personnel say that they will escort her. As they start to walk over there, my buddy noticed that the security guard had drawn his weapon and was holding it at his side, at the ready.
    My buddy finally convinces him to place his weapon back in his holster because there are obviously no threats present.
    Dumb move #2

    Anyway, later on the same friend (I'll call him friend #1 from now on) was in the back of the restaurant, (kitchen, I guess) with another one of the security personnel, and another friend of mine (friend #2). Friend #2's father owns a gun store, and he's been brought up around guns his whole life. Friend #1 was never really brought up around guns, and had never shot a pistol up until recently (with yours truly). Anyway, friend #2 asks the security guard if he can see his pistol. Without hesitation, the guy pulls out his pistol and hands it to friend #2, fully loaded!!!!
    Friend #1, although he's had very little experience with guns, had enough common sense to say "Don't you think you should at least unload your pistol before handing it to someone you don't even know!?" So the guy takes his pistol back, drops the mag and opens the action and hands it back to friend #2.
    Dumb move #3

    Eventually I think that the restaurant asked the security company to leave, which they did, because they felt safer without them there.

    Like I said before, I don't know any more details of what happened so don't bother asking. I'm not sure if this was a combination of stupidity by all 3 of the security guards or just one in particular.

    With the way these security guards behaved that night, I can understand why some companies wouldn't want their employees carrying guns. These guys were obviously just trying to show everyone that they possess the "power." They were in no position to protect the people at the party, and actually put them in danger by showing a complete lack of common sense while being armed.

    I am disgusted by people like this. People that completely disregard any common sense rules with firearms are almost as bad as criminals in my book. After all, the only thing setting these guys apart from criminals was a negligent discharge.

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    Perhaps the worst thing is a scared person. The most deadly is a scared person with a loaded gun. Being aware of your environment is a prime responsibility; regardless of whether you are armed or not. If armed, you should be more aware and think several moves ahead. Passing around a loaded gun is dangerous. Especially so when you have not the vaguest idea of the intentions of person you are handing it to.

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    dumb people with guns

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    IMHO, if you are OCing as a hired security guard you should have a high standard of professionalism. Guns should obviously never be drawn unless there is a threat, but also as a guard you need to act like a guard. You are a visible presence and should be focused on doing your job, not chatting up the bartender or dancing at the party.

    It wouldn't surprise me if that company went out of business pretty quickly.
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    Most Security guards are minimum wage employees,I believe here in Tx to carry a gun they have to pass a class I don't think having a 3 digit IQ is required
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    Most Security guards are minimum wage employees,I believe here in Tx to carry a gun they have to pass a class I don't think having a 3 digit IQ is required
    I think you mean 2-digit. Average IQ in USA is about 85-90, IIRC. I was about to crack a Texas joke, but declined.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Juggernaut View Post
    I think you mean 2-digit. Average IQ in USA is about 85-90, IIRC. I was about to crack a Texas joke, but declined.
    No..He meant 3-digit... Here in Texas everything's bigger.
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    The average IQ might only be 85-90 - however, most, not all, CHL have higher - at least in the area of common sense. But security guards should be required to be able to spell the names of their employers - not just be muscle with guns.

    I agree, three digits should be a must - and they shouldn't just be minimum wage types - it is an important job, and should be treated as such.
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    Well first off I don't like "STUPID PEOPLE" but "Stupid People with guns", this I hate with a passion!
    "For a people who are free, and who mean to remain so, a well-organized and armed militia is their best security."
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    Am I correct to assume that the owner of the security company was NOT at the party? If he did not attend I would have a little chat with him. I am sure that the guard(s) where not following company policy. If partying with guest and walking to the port-a-potty with gun draw or handing weapon to unknown persons is company policy I did not want to hire that company!!!!

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    Remember the John Candy movie from the '80's, "Armed and Dangerous"? The wild shooting scene at the range still cracks me up.

    Maybe these guys had the same training!!!

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    Sounds like this security company gets their people at the local unemployment office on as needed basis!

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    From Definition of IQ
    The average IQ of the population as a whole is, by definition, 100. IQs range from 0 to above 200, and among children, to above 250. However, about 50% of the population have IQs between 89 and 111, and about 80% of the population have IQs ranging between 80 and 120, with 10% lying below 80, and 10% falling above 120.
    It sounds like these guards fell into the bottom 1%...
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    I wish I could say I believed this to be an isolated incident. But I've been at a range in the BR area before when they were training guards for an armored car company. When I saw the total lack of safety I left the range. I just haven't learned to play well with others who muzzle sweep me with loaded weapons, finger on the trigger.

    I've also seen a armored car driver pull her weapon because there was a rat on the side of a building. So all in all I think the guard training in LA sucks.

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    This is why there are many security agencies that don't allow their guard employees to be armed. Even some sworn LEOs don't know how to properly handle firearms. Training in the field of security is minimal, and it's nothing more than a presence to deter potential bad situations. That guard has no business being armed if he's going to pull his duty weapon and hand it to someone without clearing it first. He put his life at risk and the lives of the other people at the party.
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