I "broke" my gun in yesterday :(

I "broke" my gun in yesterday :(

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Thread: I "broke" my gun in yesterday :(

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    I "broke" my gun in yesterday :(

    Yesterday I took my Kel-Tec PF-9 to the range to finally break it in, I put 5 rounds through it for my CHL class, and since then have not had a chance to fire it.

    The first 150 rounds went flawlessly.

    I went with two of my friends, with 2 guns between the 3 of us (mine and my friends .45 Sig) and as my friend was firing mine, he stopped after a couple shots with the slide locked back and called me over.

    I (carefully) took the gun from him and tried to drop the mag, but it wouldn't. I looked in the chamber and there was a round (I didn't think to look if it had been fired) so I released the slide and fired. Nothing, it was a spent round, so I ejected it, dropped the mag out, and examined.

    I could not find anything wrong, I figured it just failed to eject the round.

    I put that magazine back in, continued to fire, and 2 rounds later the slide locked back. I looked down and saw no round in the chamber, and a round in the magazine. The only way the magazine would release was if I hit it from the bottom and then let the slide close, THEN release it.

    I tried a different magazine... same result after a few shots.

    (FYI I am left-handed, my friend is right-handed. I was careful to keep my hand away from the mag release and the slide lock while firing)

    I then figured maybe it was because the first 150 rounds were blazer-brass, and then I started on WWB.

    I put my last 5 blazer-brass into my 3rd magazine, and fired them off. All 5 fired fine, so problem solved, right?

    ...until I look down into the gun and see the casing for my last round still being held by the (forgive my lack of knowledge) ejector?

    Should I send it to Cocoa and have them take a look at it, or is it something completely simple I'm overlooking??

    This is my first gun so I'm not too sure what to do at this point. All I know is I don't trust it on my hip so it's at home in pieces currently.

    Any advice would be great!


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    If Im not mistaken Blazer ammo in not recommended.
    Also clean and lube it up. and F/B might help.
    And maybe Limp wristing a little?
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    My P-11 mag does not want to drop easily, which I attribute to the Hogue grip beins so tight.

    Have you cleaned the gun reciently? That may help. Also, a "fluff and buff" helps tremendously.

    The P-11's had a problen with weak and failing ejectors awhile back. This was remedied. The ejectors were breaking and not working even ocasionally.

    After the F&B, and regular cleanings my P-11 has been flawless.

    Also, limp wristing can cause many problems of this type.
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    I'll give it a good cleaning and f&b, and pay REAL close attention to my actions next time, perhaps have somebody watch if/when it happens. Hopefully it's just something I was doing. Thanks for the input!

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    Well clean it and try it with different ammo.

    If it still acts up call KelTec they have great customer service
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    The extractor is the little "claw" that grabs the rim of the case,the ejector is a rigid piece that as the slide moves rearward it strikes the rear part of the case on opposite side of extractor causing case to flip out,if the ejector isn't striking case hard enough to force it out it can cause jams,limp wristing or a gun that isn't properly lubed or under powered ammo can cause this.I also noticed you fired 150 rounds but didn't write anything about cleaning afterwards,some guns and especially wjhen shooting dirty ammo can start jamming if not cleaned after firing 100 or more rounds ,especially a new gun which is usually pretty "tight"
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    Check out KTOG.Org - Kel-Tec Owners Group It's a forum dedicated to anything Kel-Tec. Lots of help and information. You may find a fix so you don't have to send your gun to the factory.

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    Thanks for all the advice. I gave it a good cleaning last night, and will try to make it back to the range this weekend. Hopefully it was just tight, or something I was doing.

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    Here's a good post I recently read about shooting the PF9. Works well for my PF9.

    I think of the stance like this: Both elbows bent and out from you body, as if you're trying to get airflow into your armpits. That is an exaggeration of the stance, but you get the idea. Push with your strong hand, pull with your support hand. As you shoot, use your mind to "will" the recoil to come straight back towards your body with the gun remaining perfectly horizontal as it comes backwards, and you bending your elbows to absorb the push backwards. Don't think "up" or "rotating upwards" as a direction for the recoil. A movement similar to if you were holding your palm outwards towards someone to signal them to "stop". If they were to push on your outstretched hand, it would come straight back towards your face, not twist and go upwards over your shoulder. You will not be able to achieve this exact "willed" movement directly backwards with the PF9, but the more you attempt to and imagine you can, the better the small lightweight autos will work for you.
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    My wifes P11 wuld jam much the same as yours on EVERY round. Fluff and buff and a good lube took care of it.

    Check the forum noted above. Im on there and there is a ton of info on the Kel Tec stuff.

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