Will I get in trouble?

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Thread: Will I get in trouble?

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    Will I get in trouble?

    I have a friend who lives in Kalifornia who just bought an FN 5Seven and a Ruger P95. Will I get into trouble if I mail or ship him high cap mags for both guns? I know that Kalifornia has a ban on high cap mags and they only allow 10 rounders. I told him that it's illegal but he said that as long as the gun was manufactured before year 2000 that it will be okay. Any input will be appreciated, thanks!

    I don't want to get in trouble and lose my CCW license or lose my guns and go to jail.
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    If I recall the ban on magazines requires you to be able to prove you owned the magazine prior to the start of the ban, or at least that the magazine is pre-ban. If it is illegal and you send it via the mail it could be an issue.

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    I would err on the side of caution with this. I believe importing any hi caps is illegal since none of the catalogs/store list as able to ship to CA that I have seen.
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    I don’t think you will get in trouble, but he sure will.

    In California you must have OWNED the magazines prior to the ban in order to have them. A Civilian can not legally obtain them now.

    Of course I don’t know how the state would know when he acquired the magazines unless they were to intercept them in transit.

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    Why risk it, you don't want the ATF involved up your butt. Let him bring it a across the state line
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    Friend or not, it isn't worth the risk. Tell him sorry, but can't do. If he wants them that bad HE can travel out of state and buy them himself.
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    This is a state issue....NOT BATFE issue. The only person who will get in trouble is the guy living in CA. That said, I wouldn't mail regular capacity magazines to anyone in CA, NJ, NY, etc...but if they want to come pick them up, that's on them.
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    I wouldn't mail them myself, I wouldn't want to risk my ability to own firearms in the future
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    Even if you are not in the state you may still be 'importing'. Plus I'm sure there is some federal law against "using the mail to break the laws of any state" and even "conspiracy to use the mail to break the laws of any state".

    If he wants to break the law, that's his problem. If you know he plans to break the law you should not help him IN ANY WAY. Do not even give him high-cap magazines if you know he intends to bring them where it is not legal. Doing so may make you an accessory to the crime or a 'conspirator' in the case of the screwed up federal mail statutes.

    IANAL...but this is serious business and you should take the law seriously, even if it is the law of a state you do not live in.
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    Hey exprt9, haven't seen one of those patches in a long time. I earned one of those even though I was AF...

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    There is a very good chance it is illegal ,why risk breaking the law,and ending up getting arrested on some state or federal crime possibly a felony if it's a US mail violation and losing your rights.If he wants high cap mags tell him to move where it's legal
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    Quote Originally Posted by shooter76blue View Post
    Hey exprt9, haven't seen one of those patches in a long time. I earned one of those even though I was AF...
    When I was stationed on the 7th Fleet Flagship USS Blue Ridge, we had embarked staff from the different branches of the service. We afforded the E-7 thru E-9 embarked staff from the other brances, the opportunity to participate in our Chief Initiation rites. I know a Marine GunnerySgt and an Army SFC that went thru it. They wore their regular collar devices but underneath their collar, they proudly wore The Navy Chief's collar device. Since we now have a kindler and gentler Navy, they done away with the Initiation and I think they now call it CPO Selectee Indoctrination.

    I'm pretty sure I can speak for the rest of the Navy CPO community,
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    Keep in mind that the FN weapon in question did not even exist before Khaliforniastan's ban went into effect. There will be no way for your friend to say he had them before the ban.

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    In my opinion...an big ...don't do it.
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    I do not know the laws or the answer, but I sure would not do it. It is simple not worth the risk.

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