Interstate Transport/Airline Transport

Interstate Transport/Airline Transport

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Thread: Interstate Transport/Airline Transport

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    Interstate Transport/Airline Transport

    Good morning everyone,
    I have a question that I have asked multiple times and gotten multiple answers on. I live in NY (West Point) to be exact and I recently purchased a Ruger MkIII .22 for plinking. I took possesion of it on post and have it stored under lock and key. I don't have a NY state pistol permit, but I don't need one to own the pistol on post.

    I am planning on going home to California (home of record and residency) and I want to take my new gun home with me. I will be traveling by train down to Newark Liberty Intl Airport in New Jersey. As I understand the law, since I can legally posses the weapon where I live in NY and where I live in CA, I am legally allowed to transport the weapon, provided it is locked and unloaded.

    What I am curious about is Has anyone had any experience with this issue? Will I get in trouble in New Jersey at the Airport when I declare I have a weapon? Will TSA require a permit? I have carried my shotgun home (cased, locked, and unloaded) through Newark and they never said anything but obviously a handgun might be a different story.

    I would appreciate anyone's insights or help on this matter. Thanks in advance.
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    If you traveled before you shouldn't have any problems. But seeing you are traveling from Moscow to Havana, I'd ship my gun to an FFL in CA. The paranoid in me thinks you never know what will happen on the way to the airport.
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    I agree with Miggy. I would ship it to California.

    I don’t know if it would be legal for you to have it in your luggage on the train. Some train lines forbid firearms even in checked baggage. I’m not sure about New Jersey Transit or Metro North. Which train are you taking? If it is Metro North I think you would have to transfer at Grand Central? You don’t want to get anyplace near there with a gun.

    I think a heard somewhere that you can ship a gun interstate to yourself without going the FFL to FFL route. So long as you are shipping it to yourself. That would save you several $$$. Somebody here might have a better idea if that is true. I can’t remember if it was FedEx, UPS, or USPS. Good luck & thanks for your service.
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    I would ship it, why take the chance. I think UPS and Fedex have rules about how weapons have to be shipped, I think it's next day air. Very expensive. I think the USPS will only handle guns from one FFL to another, but they can be sent priority mail costing much less. Find a gunshop close to home and see if they will receive it for you and if they will charge any fees. You may need a copy of their FFL but they can fax it to your dealer in NY. Also make sure you keep the original paperwork for your gun on you, don't mail it. You will need it to prove ownership once in CA.
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    Do you have an FFL on post? Ask him to ship it. You're in and going to the most restrictive states....
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    Not sure what train / station you plan on using. I don't think Amtrak will allow you to transport a gun in your luggage. If I remember correctly you can not transport a weapon into NYC unless you have a NYC permit, if that's correct then Penn Station is out of the question.

    I've heard of stories about my lovely state of NJ, where people that have been legally transporting got delayed over night and took their luggage. Since at this point they are not passing through the state they became felons.

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    I'd fly out of Pennsylvania and get out of NY as fast as I could.
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