Argument and a list

Argument and a list

This is a discussion on Argument and a list within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Well today at work, me and a co-worker got into a little debate. The topic of handguns came up. He started talking about .45's and ...

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Thread: Argument and a list

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    Argument and a list

    Well today at work, me and a co-worker got into a little debate. The topic of handguns came up. He started talking about .45's and a couple other guys got involved. He then stated that he would rather be shot by a .45 than a .22. I asked him why and he said the .45 would make a nice clean hole and the .22 would bounce all through and tear everything up.
    I started to argue that with him and another guy agreed completely with him. Saying that a .22 round coming out of a handgun is the same as a .22 coming out of a M4/AR-15. I debated more but to no end. They said even hollowpoints would leave a nice hole and pass right through not doing much damage, but a .22 round would bounce around and not exit the body.
    As far as the list part goes, guns were brought up because they're making a tracking list at work of everyone that has weapons of post (military). As why they would like to know who has weapons, what types, models, serials. . . I'm not sure, but I don't have any!

    Just had to talk a little tonight, thanks for listening. Merry X-mas All!

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    I'd show them some pictures of a .45 HST expanded COVERING a quarter and ask them again what they want to be hit with.

    Neat little hole going in maybe. Nasty crater on the way out, if it makes it out.

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    offer to shoot them with a 45 and a 22 and see which one they like better or a 22LR and a 223,as different as night and day
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    Arguing with idiots is a lose lose situation. I would bow out of such silly debates.
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    From what I hear, a shot from a .22 can be extremely just can take awhile for you to die.

    So I guess if you get hit with a .22 (not CNS) you are more likely to have time to get to a hospital?

    Can I pick neither?
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    I dont suppose they have ever seen the difference of damage of a deer shot with a .22 or a .223?

    That would settle their pitiful argument.
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    I'd rather be shot by almost anything except a 45acp.
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    When arguing with 'fools', never try to confuse them with the facts.

    Caliber doesn't's shot placement...ask Goliath!
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    If you want I have a photo of a 40 cal through a fellows hand. I will email it if you want. It ain't pretty.

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    358 all i got to say about that.

    Maybe you could make your own "Mythbusters" show with these jokers, a .45, .22, maybe a .223, and a few woodchucks.

    ...that might make them see the light

    I'm sure there are some "youtube" vids or somthin' out there that would suffice as well.
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    Brass Fetcher Ballistic testing

    Photos in ballistic gelatin might help. The above website has plenty!

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    As far a stopping power,yes,large calibers are better,IMO.However,I knew a man that was a firefighter over 30 years.The last 10 years of his service he drove the med.unit.He told me almost all the fatal gunshots he saw were small caliber.He told me doctors at hospitals and his medical training in the fire dept.confirmed that small calibers,.25,.32,.22,tend to tumble when they enter the body because they are not powerful enough to penetrate.He saw many cases where the bullet took a curve after entering.Be that as it may,I do not want to be shot with anything.

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    .22's can bounce around if they hit bone. I know of someone murdered who was shot in the head and the bullet did indeed bounce around never exiting. I watched a .22 ricochet off a deer's skull at about 7 ft and the next shot go straight thru. As has been said - shot placement is the determining factor. That being said, a 22 can bounce around, but that's very different from saying it will. I've heard of .45's following the skull around on the outside and the same with ribs. Nothing's guaranteed.
    Another way of looking at it, it could be better if the bullet does follow one's ribcage around to the other side than plowing straight through vital organs. I with the "I don't want to get shot, period" crowd.
    Maybe the higher number of fatal gunshot wounds being of small caliber is just reflective of what's cheap and easy to conceal.

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    Maybe I just don't get it, BUT isn't the real question -Why would anyone volunteer that info for a list at work or anywhere else for that matter? My answer would not have a hint of politeness in it.

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