Is HI Point C9 any good?

Is HI Point C9 any good?

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Thread: Is HI Point C9 any good?

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    Is HI Point C9 any good?

    Is the HI Point 9MM worth buying?

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    I'll let you know after Christmas. I bought one for my son so he can shoot with me. I have a Hi {oint 45 and it shoots great. Not my carry gun but I;ve shot it quite a bit with no stoppages. Get a bad rap cause they are cheap.
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    I have 2 of them. They shoot just fine. I wouldnt carry it though. I guess you could and if anything goes wrong (Ive never had a problem) you could beat the BG with it since its a brick LOL

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    I used to have one, and it's when I learned that 9mm was one of my favorite pistol cartridges. It ran flawlessly through the 200 rounds I sent down the barrel. For the price you can't go wrong for a cheap plinker, or something to keep in your vehicle. I don't think I will ever buy another one though. For the price they're surprisingly accurate too, and come with an adjustable rear sight, and a lifetime warranty.
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    I would not trust my life to one,besides they are built like a brick and would be harder to conceal,I have thought about getting one in the past to just throw in my jeep without worrying about scratching it up and even a backup if things go really bad and my carry gun has a major malfunction or runs out of ammo
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    i have heard good and bad things about them. had one many mango seasons ago that i used as a "throw down gun",. it was something to keep in the tool box. something that i did not care if it got rusty and dirty,,etc... but it shot great for a low price gun. picked it up from a guy that needed some fast money. that was the only reason i got it.
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    It is definitely not on my list of carry guns, but it worked while it was in my possession for a few years with close to 500 rounds down the tube. It is such a cheap gun, I would only play with it and own it only to try the thing out. I think I resold it for like $70 and I paid $140. The guy that bought it from me said that he wanted to try out the cheap gun as well and to pass it on so that he can say that he has done so.
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    My candid opinion is that they are junk. I've had students bring them to my classes and consistently they are problematic. I do not recommend them for anything except a last ditch bedside gun for the $$$broke crowd and even then I would recommend a cheap shotgun over that.

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    they're good enough for what they are. i wouldn't carry one, personally. they have a bad reputation becasue they're under $200, but i wouldn't put them in the same category as cheap POS Ring Of Fire guns, like Lorcin, Jennings, or Davis.

    my brother has two HiPoints, both in .45ACP; one of them gave him some trouble, that he easily resolved with a little fluff'n'buff. the other, a newer model, has worked flawlessly from the box. the biggest downside is that they don't like JHP; my brother solved that by using Pow'r'ball ammo. it's also accurate enough, capable of groups under 3" from over 50'.

    here he is, squeezing off a few:

    like i said, i wouldn't cary one. they're too heavy and awkward, but as a toolbox gun, or truck gun, they're perfect. i'll bet more HiPoints are used by criminals to kill people than many other brands, so they have to work at least some of the time.

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    If you can afford a Ruger, I would go with that instead. My P 95 was flawless out of the box and you can get one new for under $400, used under $300. Having said that, until last weekend when I sold it, I had a Hipoint 45 that I put about 2000 rounds through, the last thousand with no problems. The two main issues are that Hipoints don't like hollow points but you can fix that by using powerball and you have to push the point of the first bullet in the mag up a little bit and forward. I also found that I shot the Hipoint more accurately than any other gun I have owned including a glock, a 1911, a Ruger P95, a Sig 229 and a couple of Hi Powers. So if it is all you can afford, get a Hi Point. If you can afford a little more, get a better gun.

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    In a word, no. Spend $50 more dollars on a decent used revolver or even a Taurus semi-auto. At least they will retain some of their value.
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    worth buying?
    if thats all you can afford

    I had one, shot great, accurate, zero malfunctions
    but....the mag release is horrible both in location and function, caused mag to release at less than appropriate times

    if you're wanting something to CCW, I suggest do not get a hipoint, if its for the vehicle, plinking, etc then no problem
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