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This is a discussion on Help me decide within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Well I just called my FFL a little bit ago. He says he has one Yugo SKS left. He is asking $300 for it, I ...

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Thread: Help me decide

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    Well I just called my FFL a little bit ago. He says he has one Yugo SKS left. He is asking $300 for it, I told him to set it aside, I'll be by to get it in the next few days. Lets just say I've spent a pretty penny there and he knows I'm worth it when I say "set it aside".

    While I like the Mosin, I can still get that post ban. Might as well get the SKS now while I have the chance, money and a ton of 7.62x39 ammo.
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    I think you made a great choice.. I LOVE my SKS.. And quite honestly, the Mosin is a great gun, but nothing special.. But then again, it all depends on your goal for the gun.. The Mosin gives you more power and more range, but like you said, will most likely never be touched by any type of ban.. I am very surprised that the SKS' are still even available, even in States like mine where the assault rifle ban is still in effect... It wont be long before the anti gun crowd sinks their unconstitutional claws into the SKS and you would wish you got one when you had the chance..

    So nice choice, same one I would have made..

    That said, even though I would take the SKS over the Mosin, the Mosins are going for $99 right out of the crate at a local store, still drowned in Cosmoline and I might pick one up just for fun...
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    Since you obviously don't want to change calibers, I guess your decision is pretty simple. I vote SKS (since you don't want to add caliber) but in reality I'd go Mosin Nagant for the better weapon.
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