Getting guns dirty

Getting guns dirty

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Thread: Getting guns dirty

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    Getting guns dirty

    Is it just me or are there guns that you own that you baby like crazy? You know the one. You can't break it in because it's brand new. It has to stay in the safe, when it comes out it can only be handled by sterilized gloves and placed in a disinfected case... ok maybe not that extreme You know the one tho... You're afraid to fire it too much. You keep it immaculate etc...

    Which one is it for you? I'm still afraid to break in my M4. I've put a mag of rounds thru it, but thats about it. Any more and I feel like I'm going to break it.

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    Yeah, except for me it's the old collectible firearms that I baby. I used to have a Smith & Wesson Model 1917 .45 revolver that had a blotchy, spotted external finish but was great mechanically. Gave next to nothing for it. I'd stuff it in a belt holster and go hiking. Ran a lot of .45 ACP and .45 Auto Rim ammo through it, plinking and tackling Texas critters and varmints. Had a ball with it. "Upgraded" it to a '17 revolver that is so nice that its a condition rarity. Now I wince at the thought of lugging this one about in a holster in the field. It only receives careful exercise at the range. Shame as it's also a good accurate revolver. Have several oldies like that which are too nice to really use as intended.

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    I do not have safe queens. I use my handguns and, while I take decent care of them, I do not "baby" them. If they get scuffed, rubbed, or worn, so be it.

    I do have a 20 ga. Mossberg shotgun that is something like 18 or 19 years old that has NEVER had a round chambered or fired. I bought it to hunt upland birds and never followed through. So it sits in the safe doing nothing and getting an occasional cleaning/dusting when I feel it's been neglected too long.

    But it's NOT a safe queen. The buttstock was exposed to some high humidity once and the finish got "rough" to the touch. So I took some steel wool & wax and buffed it smooth again. Because of that it no longer looks "new" (It has a satin buttstock and a glossy forearm now.) Not that I really care.

    One day I'll remember to take it to the range. Maybe. Maybe not.

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    I've gotten over babying any of mine. Just like my once new pickup truck has battle scars. I like to keep them clean though, and in peak function and performance. I just don't take as long getting there anymore and I don't stare at them like they were the most beautiful woman in the world.

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    SKS, never fired, matching serial numbers from stock to bayonet...

    Yep, that one is babied, in it's own right. It was bought years ago for $99...

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    My guns are shooters Just got to SHOOT THEM

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    I am slow to shoot the newer ones...
    I miss shooting out the back door or just a short walk away from the back door in rural MI (years ago). I'd probably shoot more of my individual weapons.
    Now I only go to a private range...and the newer ones do tend to sit in the safe.
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    Nope. All my guns are tools that get used for one purpose or another.
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    Do you have screwdrivers or hammers that you "baby" ???
    A gun is only a tool.
    "The final weapon is the brain. All else is supplemental."
    John Steinbeck
    Some tools I like better than others ... mainly because of who gave them to me or why.
    I guess it is the good or the bad side of advancing in age !
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    LOL... I don't "baby" anything- ever!

    I bought a Sig P250 last weekend (merry Christmas to me) that I am DIEING to go put some rounds through!
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    For me its got to be my M&P 15T and my M&P FS 45!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob P. View Post
    I do not have safe queens. I use my handguns and, while I take decent care of them, I do not "baby" them. If they get scuffed, rubbed, or worn, so be it.
    Same. I like the look of a well-worn gun more, anyway.

    Granted, I can't afford a safe-queen, either...

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    No, I don't baby any of them - they all get to go to the range sooner or later. They do get babied I guess by cleaning them all after the range - but that's it.
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    Only handgun that I personally own is my J frame. It's 6months old and has many battle scars from the kydex. It gets carried EVERYWHERE and gets not a lot of attention. Does get a scrubbing if it's shot. It's a tool, and if I wear this one out, I'll just buy another. Now my great grandfathers sporterized Mauser, now that is a different story. All of the long guns I own are for hunting purposes, and if it can't go out with me in sub zero snowing freezing temperatures, well then I won't own it!
    Better to die on your feet, than to live on your knees.

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    Baby, Cleaning what ever do you mean. I'm at 2000 plus rounds with my G19 since the last time I cleaned it. And I still carry it .
    Its not about guns...Its about Freedom!

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