Do you go to the range in inclement weather?

Do you go to the range in inclement weather?

This is a discussion on Do you go to the range in inclement weather? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; The weather around here has been a bit on the cold and snowy side. And from what I see, the rest of the country is ...

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Thread: Do you go to the range in inclement weather?

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    Do you go to the range in inclement weather?

    The weather around here has been a bit on the cold and snowy side. And from what I see, the rest of the country is getting hit, too. (I read a news article that said the cold temperature is due to global warming. But I digress....)

    When the weather is cold/snowy/icy do you still go to the (outdoor) range to practice?
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    Yes, within reason. I don't go if the temp is 5 or 10 degrees and the wind chill is -20 or something like that. Otherwise, I go.
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    Heck yeah. No one else is there...
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    I like a cold day or a very hot day. I have the range to myself then.

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    I shoot out in the as long as it's not raining, I'll go.
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    I go anytime as long as the rang is open
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    3 pm79° F
    Partly Cloudy81° Winds From ENE
    7 mph

    lovely isnt it, dont hate me we dodge hurricanes in the summer!
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    Yup, sure do. Get better data for my ballistics tables for certain rifles :) . Seriously though, yeah I go if its planned unless its a serious storm or something like that.

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    Once went to the range during a heavy snow and shot my M-1 Garand. Froze my a** but I had a blast! I go year round now.
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    Do you go to the range in inclement weather?
    Sure I do. I might go hunting in inclement weather, and I will walk the streets with the sheep in inclement weather, so why would I not practice in inclement weather? I just dress accordingly, may not stay and shoot as long, and may very well go home with a snotty nose, some wind burn, and chapped lips. I've been known to cook up some ribeyes on the grill while it's snowing also. Man was born in the elements! Now a driving rain and a 30mph north wind at 33° might be a 'no-go' for me, but under adverse conditions....I know nobody else will be at the range and I'll have it all to myself (which is generally the case anyway).

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    Do the bad guys come out in just the good weather? I think not...

    I prefer just a bit of chill in the air over the heat, but I'll go either way...

    And if I can ride my topless jeep during a hurricane, I can shoot in the rain!

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    All the time! We also shoot trap in all sorts of crazy weather. And yes, less people there!
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    When the temp really drops, I don't like to go...that 70' weather is a killer...
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    I NEVER go to the range in sub-freezing weather ...
    It was 82 earlier this after-noon
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