Stages of a new convert

Stages of a new convert

This is a discussion on Stages of a new convert within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; One of the "young" ladies I have dated/taken shooting went through the following stages. (Time spans vary) 1. You own a gun? Why? 2. Do ...

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Thread: Stages of a new convert

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    Stages of a new convert

    One of the "young" ladies I have dated/taken shooting went through the following stages. (Time spans vary)

    1. You own a gun? Why?

    2. Do you carry a gun? Why?

    3. Sure, I'll go shooting with you.

    4. That was fun, but I don't think I would be interested in doing it again.

    5. My dad said I can take his gun to the range and shoot it. Take me. Oh and by the way, bring your guns, too.

    6. I am taking a cross country motorcycle trip, but I don't need a gun.

    7. I should have brought a gun with me on that cross country trip.

    8. (Today) I just got back from the gun show. I want your opinion on what gun I should buy.

    9. Take me back to the gun show and help me buy a Glock 26. After that I am taking my CHL class and getting a CHL. Then I am taking all the shooting classes. I am counting on you to take me back to the range and help me practice.

    10. Damn right. If someone comes at me and it is me or him, he is toast.

    Took about 6 months.
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    Have you proposed yet?

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    That was a pretty fast progression in only 6 months. Took my wife about a year, although she sped up after I showed her the story of Dr. Petit's tragedy in nearby Chesire.
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    Hide the ring in a box of her ammo and hand it to her at the range, she's a keeper!!
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    thats pretty cool if you ask me. After two months my wife is between #2 and #3. she is coming along though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JD View Post
    Have you proposed yet?
    Sounds lilke a keeper.

    Mine doesn't shoot much but every once in awhile says; "I haven't shot 'my' gun lately, next time you go to the range I want to go too."
    Her gun is a 6" nickle .357 Taurus. (Doesn't have a model # that I know of)
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    If you move to Texas I will do the wedding. No charge!!!
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    My wife still in stage 2, and I think she'll be there for a looooong time.
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    Took 32 years to get my wife to step nine...she's frozen there.

    I'd say that you're in great shape.
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