Where does your gun go at night?

Where does your gun go at night?

This is a discussion on Where does your gun go at night? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; When you get ready for bed, where does your home defense gun go? On top of the nightstand? In a special bolted-on holster? In a ...

View Poll Results: Where does your primary HD gun sleep at night?

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  • On top of the nightstand

    121 43.06%
  • In the drawer of the bedside table

    60 21.35%
  • In a bolted-on holster somewhere (behind nightstand, headboard, etc)

    21 7.47%
  • In a safe

    36 12.81%
  • Under your pillow (thank you, 007)

    12 4.27%
  • Other- please elaborate!

    44 15.66%
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Thread: Where does your gun go at night?

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    Where does your gun go at night?

    When you get ready for bed, where does your home defense gun go? On top of the nightstand?
    In a special bolted-on holster?
    In a drawer?
    Is it hidden?
    Is it chambered?

    I ask, because I do not want a chambered weapon next to me when I sleep, since I have a history of doing things in my sleep. If I have to use my gun in the middle of the night, I want to be alert enough to chamber the round, otherwise I don't need to be shooting. I know this slows down response time, though, so I want the gun very accessible- not in a drawer or safe. It just seems a stretch to sit it in plain view on the nightstand, though.

    So I am interested in hearing what other people do with their primary home defense guns. This means handguns or shotguns or whatever you consider the first gun your hand would touch if intruder woke you up.

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    My XD45acp Service handgun, which is not my primary home defense weapon, stays in its holster and is on top of my dresser cabinet, still loaded and chambered.

    My Remington 870 tactical is my primary home defense weapon and it is loaded (and chambered) with 7 rounds of Federal Tactical #00 Buckshot and it sits right beside me propped up on the night stand.
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    I keep one in either Bullard IWB holster or with the 642 a pocket holster on the nightstand. maybe 3 feet from my hand. 12 ga. by the bedroom door. 3 Shih Tzus and a Shar Pei to wake me.

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    My XD45C is chambered in a holster in a bed side draw. No kids to worry about.
    However sometimes my Rem 870 is close by and that is not chambered and requires a racking. Reaching for that gun asleep with one ready to go is not ideal, at least for me.
    I'd probably put a hole in the ceiling.

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    Kansas City
    Normally next to the bed on night stand, chambered.
    For the next 2 weeks it's in a gun vault next to the bed, Kids and grandkids visiting for the holidays.
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    Oct 2008
    My XD sits in the drawer in my nightstand right next to me.


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    My Glock 26 goes into the Gun Vault at night. I have this bolted to the back of my nightstand and it can be opened in less than 2 seconds. I also have one next to my recliner in the den, but this one is not bolted down so it can be placed into my auto or travel trailer for camping. I have a 6 year old and gun safety is a must. My long arms are stored in a 14 gun safe bolted to the wall in my closet. Even without my son, I believe the guns would stay in these safes. I cannot have a firearm at work (Nuclear Plant), even in the parking lot, so I must leave it/them at home. Rather have them secured when I am not there.

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    Out of the holster on the nightstand, right next to the flashlight. Others in the safe.

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    It may sound strange

    But in the service I learned to put everything I needed in my pockets the next day into my cover or boots. And in keeping with habit my pistol and fixed blade sleep in my right boot behind the monitor on the dresser. It may be nonstandard but I can't forget them, and the kids can't get to them if they come into our room in the middle of the night.

    Merry Christmas,

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    Top of closet, Condition 1. (about 3 feet away from my side of the bed)

    Would prefer it a bit closer, but with little ones in the house, safety is paramount.

    I will point out for the safety police that this is my carry weapon. It is on my person unless I am in the bed next to it. All other weapons and ammo are secured in one my gun safes.
    Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn. -C. S. Lewis

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    Under my pillow.

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    Nov 2008
    I had to check off a few of those...

    My .357 goes on top of the nightstand. Its a wheel gun, so yes it is chambered. It gets put in a cheap UM's pocket holster just for keeping.

    The SR9 with one chambered goes to the vicinity where I keep the keys for the safe that is upstairs.

    There is a 12ga pistol grip Mossy in a leather scabbard that is in between the mattress and the foot board. Everything else that is not generally hidden around the house is in one of the safes.

    Under the pillow just never struck me as a good idea.

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    Right beside the bed chambered and ready to go!

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    Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
    On my nightstand
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    between mattress and box springs at head of bed.

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