3 Handguns and only enough $ for 1!

3 Handguns and only enough $ for 1!

This is a discussion on 3 Handguns and only enough $ for 1! within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Tax season is coming up and my intentions are to buy a new pistol. I am in a bit of a rut as decision wise ...

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Thread: 3 Handguns and only enough $ for 1!

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    3 Handguns and only enough $ for 1!

    Tax season is coming up and my intentions are to buy a new pistol. I am in a bit of a rut as decision wise I have no idea what I want to get.

    I'm contemplating between the Beretta PX4, S&W M&P, and Springfield Armory XD-M. All in .40.

    Ive held em all and like them all. They are are pretty close in terms of accuracy and features.... so as you can imagine im obsessing in research trying to find a good reason to pick one over the other.

    Just want to hear some input from yall since these are all pretty common pistols!

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    I am partial to the XD-M, both for capacity and for comfort. It is a very nice pistol. Accurate, reliable, and pretty comfy. Only complaint is the trigger. Could be a lot better, but if you need a better trigger Canyon Creek can do whatever you need and make it however you want.

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    I am partial to the m&p I have 2 of them and love them. I used to have the XD and the M&P just fit my hands better. Once again this is about how a gun feels in YOUR hands. This is a great problem to have - you have money and there is a gun out there you want.

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    I carry the M&P40c the wife the 9c great weapons. You said you have "held" them all, have you shot them all? If not time for a trip to the range! Then you decide. Can't speak for the XP4 but the M&P and the XD-M are both very good choices.
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    Shoot 'em all then make an educated decision based on function, feel and accuracy. Look at the carry methods for each also (holsters).
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    Oh heck... Here I go...

    I am partial to the M&P. I have 5 of them, and carry the 40c. My wife carries the 9c...

    I bought a XD40 for my EDC, and ended up switching to the 40c because it was so much better to me. Fit, feel, and function were just great.

    My wife switched from a PT140 MilPro to the 9c just because it felt that much better in her hands...

    I did not get rid of my XD, and most likely I won't. And I still have the MTAC I bought for it. I just don't see myself using it as long as I have one of my M&P's available...


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    Since you didn't list any GLOCKs, I'd go with the XD-M
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    I just traded a G36 (.45)for a M&P 9C because
    I had too many guns in different calibers and
    not enough money to feed them all.
    I,m trying to get it down to only two types
    of ammo to buy, .380 and 9MM.
    I shot the M&P9C today for the first time
    and I have to say it has a better trigger than
    the GLOCK.
    I think I,m in love
    PS. I still have a GLOCK G33 (357sig)but I think I
    will trade it for its brother the G26(9MM)
    to save on ammo.
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    The XD's come with a holster, magazine loader, and magazine holder. The XD-M case is very sturdy and heavy duty (a bargain in itself) and the XD's have a better resale value if you should ever part with it.

    The S&W's are periodically subject to factory promotions such as $-factory rebates or free magazines. Check their website for current promotions. A nice incentive, to be sure, (when available).

    I have no Beretta advice to give except, you may have trouble finding a model specific holster on such a new model. Custom holster makers being the exception. Hope this helps, john

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    They're all quality handguns, the XDM being the new kid on the block. I would probably go with the XDM myself, simply because I enjoyed the XD9 I used to own, and like the M&P, the XDM has interchangeable backstraps. It even has a paddle holster, speed loader, and magazine holder, all nicely boxed into a nice case. I'm considering the XDM in 9mm, 20 rounds of 9mm is a lot of firepower!
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