A good, durable finish for Walther PPK?

A good, durable finish for Walther PPK?

This is a discussion on A good, durable finish for Walther PPK? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; A friend of mine picked up a Walther PPK (shorter grip, one less round than the PPK/S) that is pretty used. The bluing is extremely ...

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Thread: A good, durable finish for Walther PPK?

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    A good, durable finish for Walther PPK?

    A friend of mine picked up a Walther PPK (shorter grip, one less round than the PPK/S) that is pretty used. The bluing is extremely worn and she said the man who sold it to her told her if she didn't get it refinished it might start pitting. What are some good, reliable, and easy finishes to put on the Walther that will keep it's appealing look while protecting it from rust and everyday wear?

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    There are several options. It depends on the amount of cash one is willing to spend and the quality of finish desired. It would be cheap to reblue it at home, but it would require a little work and it would still just be blued, and bluing is really just pretty rust anyway. It looks great when done right, bad if rushed.
    OXPHO-BLUE® CREME at Brownells

    Next would be a spray on finish that works cold. Aluma-hide from Brownells is one. It's paint and it will wear. It also builds up so it's not for parts where tolerences are important.
    ALUMA-HYDE® II at Brownells

    Next, bake on paint. Same tolerences, more durable.

    Or Duracote. Popular and easy to do.

    Now me, I would get it professionally refinished. I can't help but think of paint finishes as temporary. I'd rather pay more, once, to do it right and have it passed down to my kid in good shape. I use this place, there are lots of good places just like it.
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    The rollmarks on the Walthers are not deep, and careless polish work will leave light marks and washed out areas. Notice the marks in the picture are still sharp and deep, a sign it was done right.
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    The disadvantage is that it costs a lot. Sometimes more than the gun is worth, sometimes not.

    And there are plenty of good refinishers, I don't want to endorse one in particular, so...
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    Is it an older German made PPK? Probably is... If so you need to think about its value refinished. Date it and all that.

    And what caliber PPK is it? The old German (french then Ulm proofed) PPKs in .380 are bringing a mint these days.

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