Does this anger dealers?

Does this anger dealers?

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Thread: Does this anger dealers?

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    Does this anger dealers?

    The other day I was at Big 5, the closest place to me that sells firearms.. and I asked to look at a Mosin Nagant that Iv been eyeballing for awhile.. I had no intentions of making a purchase that day(they want way more than its worth anyways) I just needed to kill a few minutes so I decided what better way...

    So anyways.. the guy handed it to me.. I did the usual checking to see if it was unloaded etc even though he did it right in front of me I always look for myself. and without thinking I found myself aiming down the sight at the roof

    I was careful not to aim at anyone.. I just wanted to see how it felt to actually look down the I said.. just at the roof, finger off the trigger, etc.. the guy didn't say anything, but I was wondering later since Iv heard that a lot of people don't like when you do this..

    Is it really that big of a deal to aim an unloaded weapon in a safe direction to look down the sights.. Iv heard of dealers actually becoming angry over this... I hear about guys that walk over and start slamming the action, dry firing without asking... getting prints all over the nice shiny metal, then slamming the gun down and moving on to the next area... seems like what I did wouldn't be a big deal.

    Sorry guess I started rambling a bit.. Thoughts? Suggestions?

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    I always aim up,unless customers are flying around.I don't like aiming at level ground because you always have somebody walk in front of the barrel,or if I'm standing in line,I have been swept by people aiming and pointing guns.I don't like getting swept by guns.In safe firearm handling rules it states never point a gun at anything you don't wish to destroy
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    As a customer, I don't like it if people aim at me :-) But the roof: no problem. You did well by first checking to see if the gun is loaded. I would also not dry fire without asking the owner first.
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    I always hand a firearm with the slide locked back...makes it easier to clear the weapon as well.

    As for a crowded store...not many choices.


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    If you don't shoulder the piece, how the devil can you know it'l suit you?

    Sure, don't stick the muzzle in someones eyeball!!!....But really, bringing the piece into position is a normal part of checking out a potential purchase. For one, I would NOT consider buying a rifle/shotgun that I had NOT done so with...........if somebody objected, then I'd just take my business to a more reasonable establishment.

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    Last night I was at the local shop putting a new price on layaway. The salesman to the right handed a lady a .38 with the crimsen trace laser on it. Not only did SHE check to make sure it was not loaded, she aimed that thing right at my son and I, and I had a laser in my eyes. I wanted to scream to her. Another story, was at the pawn shop and a guy was selling them a gun. The kid, and I mean kid, only 16 or so that was working there never cleared the weapon, but was aiming it out to the crowed sales area, pretty close to my head since I was looking at a shotgun behind the counter. I nicely asked him not to aim a gun at me, then the manager told him to always point it to the back of the store.

    When I look at a gun, I always double ckeck it is empty, even after watching the sales people do it. I usually aim at the floor and not ceiling.
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    Usually when I look at guns in stores, the employees lock back the actions, and hand them to me to look at. I inspect the chamber for myself, drop the magazine out, and close the action. Handguns I aim at the floor, and rifles and shotguns I aim at the ceiling. I give them back in the same fashion that they were when given to me to look at, magazine in, action open.
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    I have never seen any dealer get upset about pointing a firearm up at the ceiling. Now sweeping the room is another story.


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    I always lock the slide back and drop the magazine - often because the salesman hands me the gun just as it was sitting in the case (which kind of freaks me out, since he usually sets it down pointed at my belly).

    And I always hand it back w/o the mag and slide locked back or cylinder open...

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    A friend of mine was checking out a GP100 at a gun show. The dealer told him "Don't aim it an anyone in the crowd. You can aim it at me instead."


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    A gun is always "aimed" somewhere. Up is the safest direction typically, so I see no problem for you to "aim" it as you did in the safest direction possible with your finger off the trigger.

    Now sweeping people or putting lazer dots on their chest from across the room is not nice.
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    I think it's rude to aim a gun at someone. I believe I would have to kick someone's _____ if they aimed a gun at me. Aim up not at me!

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    I've had a gun store owner and a CHL instructor both sweep me with a handgun. I did not appreciate it either time and they could tell when I jumped out of the way. Neither seemed to think it was a big deal. I have decided to avoid both of these places in the future.

    As far as pointing at the ceiling, that seems like the safest option in a crowd.

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    Sounds like he didn't really want to sell you the gun. Go on to the next guy.
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