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Anybody seen the new Kel-Tec .223 pistol?

This is a discussion on Anybody seen the new Kel-Tec .223 pistol? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I've been looking for something to keep in my truck. Been thinking about the Sub Carbine in 9mm or .40 caliber. I like the way ...

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Thread: Anybody seen the new Kel-Tec .223 pistol?

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    I've been looking for something to keep in my truck. Been thinking about the Sub Carbine in 9mm or .40 caliber. I like the way it folds up to not take much space.
    Now I'm rethinking since seeing the little pistol rifle thingie.

    I'd like something good for 100 yards or so.
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    Have you seen the options? There is a nifty muzzle brake and a handguard with a picatinny rail and you can put optics on it (I think I'd put a reflex or EO Tech on it). But the muzzle brake is sweeeeet.

    I am seriously thinking about this...perhaps instead of the Sub-2000 in a 40. You know, if you have a pistol for which Blade Tech does not make a Kydex holster, if you send them your weapon so they can make a form (they guarantee not do damage the weapon) they'll make the holster and give it to you for free! Something to consider. Maybe a tactical thigh holster sort of thing for the woods.
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    I just saw M2 Carbine on THR post some chrono info - thought y'all might find it of interest.

    I finally set up the chronograph today to see what the new Kel Tec pistol is doing.
    So this is about what can be expected from that short pistol barrel.

    The chronograph is a PACT.
    I was standing about ten feet away from it.

    I shot five samples of what .223 ammo I have on hand.

    1. 1998 South African FMJ. Imported a couple years ago. Very good ammo. I wish they would import it again.
    Average velocity=2538fps

    2. One of my handloads. 52gr Sierra HPBT Match. 24gr Acurate 2230 powder.

    3. Black Hills 55gr JSP.

    4. New Wolf 62gr FMJ.

    5. Old Win White box, 55gr FMJ.

    If I can find a muzzle brake/flash hider that would prevent the blast from wrecking my unprotected ears this gun will become number one as my car and house gun.
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    Well I contacted my local gun store and asked them to see about getting me one. They are working on it. Hope to have it soon.
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    If the Kel-tec turns out to be decent quality, it'd be a fun little toy

    Quote Originally Posted by ExSoldier762
    I'm wondering about leather. Talk about a custom rig! I haven't seen or heard of something like this since the character "Mississippi" in the movie El Dorado with John Wayne. He carried a sawed off 12 ga in a hip holster. Then there is the tv character Josh Randall played by Steve McQueen in WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE. He had a sawed down Winchester 30-30 that he called (IIRC) the Mare's leg or something like that. It was strictly a prop gun, I don't think there was ever a version that fired live ammo.
    They do exist, however they're expensive as all get out.
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