NYE I went with Dad, his friend, and his friend's son to the Moose Lodge to check out their ranges. I knew the other family were "gun nuts" like me, but I hadn't spent a lot of time with them in several years.

The rifle range was great - a nice, dry shed with space for about 6 - 8 shooters and about 100 yards of distance. The pistol range was a nice carport with about 25 feet of distance.

Since we were the only people there we stayed on the rifle range all afternoon and shot golf balls. If you've never tried it I HIGHLY recommend it. They are much more fun than paper. If you hit them just right with a .45 they will jump 50 feet (sometimes straight up!).

For $70/year the wife and I can join and use the facilities any time we want (during daylight hours of course). So now I've found a great place to shoot, and I have a couple of shooting friends that I can call up. This is a great alternative to my other shooting facility which is about 35 miles away. Since it's so far, I have a hard time making time to go, and my wife rarely wants to go with me. I think this is going to be a great way for both of us to get in some more practice and work her up to getting her HCP.

Shoot straight,


P.S. Forgot to mention that I also got to shoot some really cool guns. I am seriously envious of a Springfield 1911 I got to shoot that day. Next time I find myself with an extra $1,200 I'll have one.