Ammunition at Wallmart

Ammunition at Wallmart

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Thread: Ammunition at Wallmart

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    Ammunition at Wallmart

    This article was sent to me, not sure if it's true or not but it is interesting.

    Is the World ready for this?

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    I don't have time to go back and re-read that but doesn't the guy site "inside" sources but doesn't tell us who they are? Wallmart isn't the only place who's shelves are empty when you go to look for ammo. The "instant" background checks are taking hours to complete and gun shelves are less than half stocked at many stores because sales are so high. I'm more inclined to believe in supply and demand issues than a giant conspiracy theory. Consider this: if Walmart were so anti' then why don't they have their stores posted "no guns for good guys" at the entrance doors? They only forbid open carry.
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    Yesterday I posted a similar message elsewhere but in summary - I purchased some CCI 0030 ammo at Wal-Mart in Berea KY. The sales associate said they were low on all ammo. And even with replacement stock arriving daily or every two days, it sold out quickly. She was very nice (which is sometimes unheard of at Wal-Mart) and said there was no intention to stop selling ammo. It was simply supply and demand. And now, the demand is higher than the supply.
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    I think it is more of a supply and demand issue as well. Somebody that visits my local Wal Mart must have recently figured out that they had supply at one of the best prices in town now, because the shelf full of WWB suddenly got wiped out and for the first time it wasn't because of me.
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    Definitely cause of demand. I went to my local WalMart today and they had 29 100ct boxes of WWB. The guy behind the counter said better get them while you can cause it might be there last shipment for awhile. Well I went looking around cause I didn't want to carry it around with me (waiting on prescription). When I got back 25 minutes later he only had 4 boxes left! I bought'em out and vowed never to do that again.
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