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Thread: 1911 carry

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    Here is my Colt Defender in its Desbien Pancake holster...

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    My Kimber TLE II, 1911 is just under a year old I have about 1100 rounds through it with no problems. I trust it with my life, go to the range shoot, clean my carry weapon put it back in the holster and away we go.

    24/7 no my wife does not allow me to carry in bed and I would much rather sleep with her than on the couch. The 1911 is within reach, I just hope my early warning system works, he is getting old but still barks.

    Semper Fi

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    Dan Wesson CBOB in a UBG Canute holster
    When a Government become ultra concerned about its citizen's guns its time to beconcerned about the Governments long term plans Me

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    Quote Originally Posted by cphilip View Post
    I moved from a G27 to one just a few weeks back. Not just any 1911 but one of the often so maligned 3" ones. A Colt Defender light weight. Wasn't planning on it but the G27 was destroyed so I had a chance to try something different. So far I got no reason to distrust it. Has been pretty flawless. I am not ready to trust it yet with Hollow Points so I carry ball in it for now. At some point I will be doing more practice with it and find exactly what it likes.

    One big thing about most of the 1911's produced today is that the machining tolerances these days can produce a very tight fit. This was not a part of John Browning's design. It can sometimes create some issues early in the gun's life. But people now a days seem to equate quality with tighness. And so the Manufacturers give it to them.

    Another issue is many new comers to 1911's don't understand how to set the tension on the extractor. A must learn for anyone using one of these and very simple to do. Makes all the difference.

    Also remember that practically all Semi Auto handguns today have some aspect of 1911 in them. Almost all of the guns we carry are 1911's at heart.
    My new Series 70 Colt bends the brass terribly. I assume this is an extractor problem. Can you tell me how to correct it. It bends the top of the case all the way across. I have 250 rounds through it so far.

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    I dont own a 1911 but have heard nothing but good things about them. I will probably buy a springfield G.I. model when i return from the sandbox.
    "Anyone worth shooting, is probably worth shooting several times."

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