1911 carry

1911 carry

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Thread: 1911 carry

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    1911 carry

    I just need to mention this went to the range today. And the only gun I brought was my carry gun which was a 1911.
    Two guys at the range said do you carry that for SD and I said yep.
    They went on to tell me you shouldn't carry a 1911 they are not reliable and you can't count on them to work when you need them. I said well this one has been pretty good.
    We all shot for awhile I put my normal 175 rds down range and loaded her up to head home. I had 0 problems and they were over there fuss in with a khar and XD both in 40 cal. I thought good luck the next time you need your weapon. I mentioned on the way out you should think about a 1911.
    They just said ha ha.

    So how many of you trust a 1911 for SD carry?


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    I've primarily carried the 1911 for a few years, just recently moved to a different platform, but not due to trust issues.

    I've had one or two that I wouldn't carry and got rid of them.

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    EDC Ed Brown Special Forces, Del Fatti Holster

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    In Delaware, East of the Mason Dixon Line.

    I have one full size 1911

    I dont carry it not from lack of trust just that I have tools I like better.
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    Do you trust 1911's for SD carry?

    Yes, but, 24/7 is a bit hard.

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    C: I trust them but don't have one.

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    C. I carry my 1911 sometimes depending on clothing options. yes I trust mine for carry.
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    They went on to tell me you shouldn't carry a 1911 they are not reliable and you can't count on them to work when you need them.
    I can only cite my experience. I carried a Navy issue 1911 hammer-slammer as my "personal" side arm while attached to a PBR squadron in Viet Nam. Never had a problem. I have had a Randall Raider which I carry often, since around 1995 and have several thousand rounds of various ammo through it - not problem.

    I'd venture a guess that anyone who says that "the" 1911 is unreliable has either had a bad experience with a sub-standard model or has never owned or carried one for any length of time. Of all of my hand guns, if I had to get rid of all but one, the one I'd keep is the Randall. I've been offered enough for it to buy several handguns or an M4. Bottom line? No freakin' way.
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    1911's have been rocking and rolling for almost 100 years now. They do require upkeep, but every EDC gun does (or at least should be well kept), so carry with confidence.

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    I think that my personal 1911s are a bunch of the most reliable and trustworthy firearms on the planet.

    I can't speak for anybody else and their 1911 firearms.

    I trust mine and expect them to always go bang and I have never been disappointed.

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    It all depends on who put the 1911 together. Most of the people I know who had a bad experience bought a used 1911 somebody got rid of because they screwed it up or they got a mass-produced 1911 that wasn't fitted right.

    thats why I advise everybody the buys one new to put a couple hundred rounds through it, and then take it to a good gunsmith and have him go through it.

    I have carried 1911's since the late 1980s and have never been let down by them. I have carried them cocked and locked, in shoulder holsters, fanny packs, IWBs, pancakes, etc. Yes, they are heavy, but thats the price one pays, it is not for everybody.

    A good 1911 with a properly fitted barrel should cycle empty cases through it without fail.
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    It was my first carry pistol, and I did trust it. I now carry a Glock G23 most of the time and when I am lazy a 340 M&P. I still love a 1911.

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    Well, I did carry one 24/7/365 for a few years until I decided on a higher-round-count pistol (CZ75: 16+1 of 9mm+P) because of the increasingly common stories of multiple-assailant incidents. With just a very little tinkering, mine handles +P and even "flying ashtrays" with almost boring consistancy. Love it; it was my first carry-gun, and still my favorite and easy to carry/conceal (second only to my PF-9). Just wish the BG's wouldn't change the rules on us!

    Stay safe,

    Chuck Brick.
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    I carry one. It has never failed me. Not once. I have a second one that's a family heirloom gun that's been around for around 60 years. Seeing it fired as a child, and growing up and learning to shoot it, over many thousands of rounds, I never saw it fail. It did not occur to me that one COULD fail until I reached about 16 or 17 years old.

    A 1911 that fails is, generally speaking, a broken gun and needs repaired. I suppose broken ammo is an option.

    On many other guns (P3AT comes to mind), a failure to feed can be caused by something as innocous as the shooters grip.
    The facts are indisputable. There is more data supporting the benefits of Conceal Carry than there is supporting global warming. If you choose ignorance, in light of all the evidence, in order to bolster your irrational fear of guns, you are a greater threat to society than any gun owner.

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    All Day everyday. It is my go to.

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