First Time Ever!

First Time Ever!

This is a discussion on First Time Ever! within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I got a new Taurus PT111 Millennium Pro last weekend. My husband took me to the range today for my first time ever shooting a ...

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Thread: First Time Ever!

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    First Time Ever!

    I got a new Taurus PT111 Millennium Pro last weekend. My husband took me to the range today for my first time ever shooting a handgun. To be honest I was very nervous and when we got there it was busy. I watched people shooting through the windows as he waited in line to get our lane. A Woman I was watching turned from the shooting lane with blood running down her hand and I was about to change my mind. I did talk to her later and she said she had got her hand to high on the grips and the slide bit her. She was ok but didn’t shoot any more today. Husband calmly took me aside and told me I would be ok, just to remember the things he had showed me and to use the proper grip. So we get our earmuffs and safety glasses on and enter the range. Wow it was loud even with the ear protection. The first magazine didn’t go so well, several misses and then mostly low right hits. After adjusting my stance and my bifocals it started getting better. Also discovered the gun won’t jump out of my hand, smack me in the forehead, or burn me with the flying casings. That helped calm me down a lot, I thought it would be a lot worse than it really is. Recoil also was a lot less than I expected. After my first 100 rounds I am hitting closer to the center, still get a few flying left or right but not as many, and looking forward to more practice. The gun functioned perfectly. He never told me it was this much fun! Here are a couple pics.

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    looks like good shooting your first time out. I have the PT140 (.40 cal version of yours) and I love it too! Good luck next time out!
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    Good shooting, especially for your first time. It is fun and I hope it's not your last time.
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    Nice job of shooting and overcoming nerves. That can be a hard thing to do but it looks like you did well.
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    Very good for first time out,glad to here you enjoyed yourself. You may have just been bitten by ''the bug''. My wife is getting her permit and I will be teaching her to shoot, I can only hope she does as well as you... She has been out shooting with me before but I only taught her safety at first, now it's going to be covering safety and defensive shooting.
    Have fun..., it should be fun as well as educational and sharing the fun with your spouse is even better.
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    Nothing like putting holes where you want them to make you fall in love with shooting.

    Good job and Congrats on a new hobby.
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    Good shooting Mata Hari and welcome to the world of guns. Nice to see you on the forum.

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    Very nice shooting! Congratulations on your positive experience.
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    No worries :)
    We all were a little scared on our first trip to the range (whether we admit it or not). Welcome to the sheepdog mentality!
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    Way to go overcoming your nerves and having fun doing so.

    I took my wife to the range for the first time a few months ago. When we first stepped into the range (indoor range here in Phoenix) someone near us was shooting a .357. She almost jumped out of her skin! She got it together though and put some rounds downrange. Now she's absolutely hooked (and it really good with her .380, too!).

    Good on you for getting out there and overcoming your fears. Now the problem you'll end up having to overcome is that you'll want to go to the range all the time; ammo gets expensive! :)

    God bless and good shooting!
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    Good shooting alright. Glad to hear you didn't give up and got to try it out first hand. Looks like you are doing very well.
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    OUTSTANDING!! Your husband is a lucky man. Enjoy and be safe.
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    Looking at yer got that bad guy.
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    Nice shooting for the first time out. My wife had never shot a handgun before we met, now if I mention going shooting, she beats me to the car!

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