How many rounds did you shoot in 2008?

How many rounds did you shoot in 2008?

This is a discussion on How many rounds did you shoot in 2008? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Just as the title says. Let's see who shoots here. I shot 18000 rounds of .45 ACP last year and a few 9mm and .357 ...

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    22 14.86%
  • 1000-2000 rounds

    28 18.92%
  • 2000-4000 rounds

    44 29.73%
  • 4000-6000 rounds

    11 7.43%
  • 6000-8000 rounds

    7 4.73%
  • 8000-10000 rounds

    9 6.08%
  • 10000-15000 rounds

    5 3.38%
  • 15000-20000 rounds

    1 0.68%
  • 20000-25000 rounds

    1 0.68%
  • 25000-30000 rounds

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  • 30000-50000 rounds

    2 1.35%
  • 50000-100000 rounds

    1 0.68%
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Thread: How many rounds did you shoot in 2008?

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    Question How many rounds did you shoot in 2008?

    Just as the title says. Let's see who shoots here.

    I shot 18000 rounds of .45 ACP last year and a few 9mm and .357 when I played with borrowed guns.

    Yeah I know it's kinda hard to come up with high numbers even if I make my own bullets. My shooting budget feels the economy.

    Please do not include air rifles, paint balls, sling shots, dry fire practice in the poll. Thanks.
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    I shot well over 30,000 rounds. How do I know that?
    I shot 6 sleeves of primers. Since a sleeve is 5000 to a box, that is 6 boxes that I went through. Mostly large pistol and large rifle.Now that I think of it, I went through 400 .50 BMG primers too.

    As for the various guns of friends and students that I tried...I have no idea but its alot.
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    2-4 k, but most of that was .22. Maybe 1000 rounds were centerfire

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    I don't know for sure...maybe 1500 total. Most of it was with my MP9 that I had.
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    Mabey 800 rnds 9mm 500rnds .38/.357 the rest .22 2000+ & 150-200 rnds .380

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    I shot in the 3k range most of that was 40 cal. I would love to shoot more but $$ is tight right now for some reason.
    I am hoping to start reloading in the next month or two, not to save money but rather to be able to shoot more.
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    I went thru about 15,000 primers
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    I try to shoot every weekend. Not so much since the move to Gilbert, but figure 200 rds of .40 cal 50 - 100 of .45 some 308 per visit. It really starts to add up. I did not and wont even try to include .22.

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    I think about 3K, maybe a bit under. Busy year at work till September.
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    Only 750 rounds, but not bad for purchasing the gun on 12-22-08, I'm working on getting my count up for 2009
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    I shot between 8,000-10,000. Not 100% sure as I know I fired off 8,500 rounds that I loaded for matches and practice. The unknown is the amount of factory ammo I ripped through the guns just "playing around".

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    I went through just under 3500 rounds .45, and around 400-500 .22 Wish i could afford to shoot more!
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    I shot about 7000. About 1500 of that was .22, about 500 was .30 Carbine and the rest was mixed between 9mm and .45 ACP.

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    4-5K City budget cuts and all.
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