Why is it....

Why is it....

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Thread: Why is it....

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    Why is it....

    Why is it that there are no compact semi-auto's in 22 Mag? No the ammo isn't as cheap as 22LR fodder, but it's a lot cheaper than centerfire ammo and you can get JHP and FMJ loads for it.

    Maybe a magnum version of the Walther P22, or even a small scale 1911 similar to the old Llama's in 22 Mag.

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    why does a posi traction work?...

    it just does!!!

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    I'm going with market research; price and demand elasticity which leads manufactures to believe that there is not enough demand or more simply the market will not bear the cost that the manufacturer would have to charge to retool to make the product in the US. Further, such a firearm could not be imported due to the insane BATF point system that prevents importing small pistols.
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    I'm thinking the .22 Magnum would be a slug from a short barreled automatic, an expensive slug compared to the .22 Long Rifle. For the fellow who was already set up for .22 Magnum with a rifle or other handgun a compact .22 Magnum pistol might make some sense.

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    AMT had the AutoMag II...probably not as small as what you're wanting though.
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