Broken shell stuck in the chamber

Broken shell stuck in the chamber

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Thread: Broken shell stuck in the chamber

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    Question Broken shell stuck in the chamber

    I have a Browning Buckmark .22LR pistol with 34,000 round count and I never really had a problem except some failures to fires. I shoot Walmart Federal 550 rds bulk pack only. I was at a range yesterday and a shell was stuck in the chamber and I had to use a flat screwdriver to get it out. This happened twice. Was it just a bad ammo or is something wrong with my Buckmark?

    <edit> the picture is showing only one case.
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    That looks like bad ammo to me. Case splitting, and then won't extract because it gets wider and sticks.

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    If I am seeing correctly the case splits in the same place on both of the ones in the picture. It looks like they are split about where the firing pin hit the primer can't tell for sure about the one standing up but it looks like a de-tent from the firing pin just below the split. Check the rest of your spent ammo to see if this is the case, if so it may be you gun.
    Good Luck and let us know what you find.
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    The primer strike looks normal to me. Probably either a bad casing or possibly a "re-chambered" round that already had bullet setback? This could cause higher pressures and split the cartridge.
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    I'm not a gunsmith, but it appears to me the case is also somewhat bulged at the rim base. That would seem to indicate that there was partial extraction a milisecond too soon (gun out of timing), which could cause a case bulge and split. Have you changed the springs in the gun in the last 15,000 to 20,000 rounds?


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    Occam's Razor...the simplest possibility:
    Cheap ammunition, cheaply made. Cases improperly heat-treated, and therefore too brittle. Case splits on firing, trying to expand to fill chamber slightly larger than case. Split case sticks in chamber, resisting proper extraction.
    Possible remedy:
    Maybe chamber needs good cleaning, and maybe bolt-face too. Use better-quality ammunition.
    (As stated in previous post, maybe also change springs.)
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