What was available at local gun show

What was available at local gun show

This is a discussion on What was available at local gun show within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Saturday the wife and I took a tour of our local gun show and found the following: AR's ---A lot of AR's available, prices ranged ...

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Thread: What was available at local gun show

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    What was available at local gun show

    Saturday the wife and I took a tour of our local gun show and found the following:

    AR's ---A lot of AR's available, prices ranged from $700's on up, some uppers, a few lowers, and small selection of parts. Lots of heat shields, and rails.

    Pistols-----Tons of Glocks, Sigs, XDs, 1911's, HK's, some wheel guns, quite a large selection of single action cowboy shooter guns.

    Small CCW's-----I actually had the opportunity to hold a Kahr PM-380, only 1 at the show, priced at $550 range. it was displayed next to a P-3AT, and while looking at them laying on the table, it looked bigger than the Kel-tec. Seen 2 LCP's, 1 I picked up did have the 371 serial number, they were priced from $299 to $329.

    Home defense shot-guns-----Maybe a dozen or more available, mostly pumps.

    My first gun was a Ithica Model 49, single shot lever action that my dad bought me for Christmas (one of the few presents I remember and still have) Back in the day it sold for $50.00 new, now used I found I for $200.00 at the show. Also found a NIB Remington Nylon 66, $550.00.

    I did not see a single Remington 788. I like the old Ruger rifles with the skeletonized stocks, paid $429.00 for my first one new, now a use, scuffed one was $550.00, and I only saw 1 in 243 at the show.

    Ammo---some reloading item, very little powder, very few bullets. and a small selection of reload 223 and such.

    Not a lot of buying going on while I was there, and no I did not buy anything. I did find a new local dealer that has had his doors open for a year now that I did not know about, so I will go visit him.

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    I don't even bother with so called Gun Shows anymore. The last couple I went to had tons of airsoft and tupperwear, not Glocks, but real Tupperwear!! Used Glocks for $550, I didn't see a deal in the house. Finding a private sale there is still possible, but I prefer to stay at home and shop on line. I get my FFL transfers for FREE so I can usually find a good deal. But hey a day with the wife, looking at firearms, what could be better? I know buying a few!!
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    I went to a gun show in K.C. yesterday. It was packed. Everything was selling: Handguns, shotguns, assault rifles, ammo.

    I bought a Ruger SR9. It took forever because there were so many people in front of me that were buying handguns.

    The guy behind me got the last one.

    It was unbelievable.

    I can go to my local gun shop and can negotiate the price with cash in hand.

    At the gun show, there was no negotiating and people were definitely buying.

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    the last gun show i went to was pretty packed. it was a Crossroads of the West show in PHX. everyone was buying...couldn't find a decent deal with dealers at the show...it was disappointing.
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    I went to the show in Houston today and was very pleasantly surprised. Lately I have not been able to find small rifle primers. Only one table had them, but that was all I needed. There were plenty of AR's to be found and stripped lowers were starting at about $40 more than I paid for one eighteen months ago. Defensive handgun ammo was at a real premium. Winchester Ranger was about 50% above what I was paying a year ago. There were no thirty round Pmags left, they had sold out on Saturday, but there was a bin full of twenty rounders at $21.95 each.
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    Last show the Mrs and I went to had a lot of people, a few hand guns, a few ar's and aks and not much in the way of ammo/reloading supplies.

    There weren't any real bargins, though there was one dealer who had a PM9 the Mrs was interested in, but we didn't buy it (the same dealer will be at a bigger show we'll be checking out in a couple of weeks)

    The pickin's at the local shops have been pretty poor as well lately.
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