May be a dumb question but.........

May be a dumb question but.........

This is a discussion on May be a dumb question but......... within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I was having a discussion with my wif about the purchase of another handgun and she asked me a question I could not answer: What ...

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Thread: May be a dumb question but.........

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    May be a dumb question but.........

    I was having a discussion with my wif about the purchase of another handgun and she asked me a question I could not answer:

    What recourse does a gun store counter guy have if someone comes in and has a valid ID and answers all of the questions correctly on the forms but is really a weirdo or happens to mention something like "Wow, If I catch that guy that was sleeping with my wife I'll be ready" or "I'll teach those kids to stay off my lawn now!".
    What if the potential customer has gang tats and you kind of think maybe he has someone elses ID but can't really prove it standing there at the counter??????

    I guess the bottom line question is:What if you just have a real bad feeling about handing a firearm over to someone?
    Have you violated his civil rights if you tell him you won't sell him a firearm?

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    Private business I think they could legally refuse and I would think they would want to refuse to keep their company out of the bad press.
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    They are obligated to refuse the purchase. The easiest way is during the background check I believe they can initiate a delay, or at least claim a delay.
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    Just like everybody else gun stores have the right to refuse business,and if it was me I'd tell the guy sorry buddy no sale and then take his info and alert the Pd,at least in the unfaithful wife deal they could at least give her a heads up
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    Definately refuse the sale in the case of the threat to the "boyfriend". I also believe it is their responsibility to inform the police. It is your right to be armed, but I am not violating your rights if I am unwilling to seel you a gun if I have a bad feeling about the sale or the intended use of the weapon. IMHO
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    gee, isnt that like yelling on a plane "I got a bomb." Take info, deny purchase, and give info to PD.
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    Deffintly REFUSE!!

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    If it were my business I would refuse to complete the transaction. The profit from the gun isn't worth the risk.

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    They can refuse to conduct the sale.

    I know a shop owner who figured out that a woman who was purchasing a weapon was planning suicide. Her actions and line of questions were what gave her away, and he initiated a delay on the instant background check while the police were being secretly notified.

    When the police arrived, the woman admitted her intentions and they took her down to check into the hospital. Her husband came by later that afternoon and personally thanked the shop owner for taking action. He had no idea she was planning to commit suicide.
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    I have actually seen that done before - I was shopping for my Blackhawk, and someone was looking and wanting a S&W Revolver. He refused the transaction because of some comments that he had made to a different clerk the day before. They actually had a sign posted that said they had the right to refuse service or sales to anyone, and underneath that they said "and we frequently do!"
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