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This is a discussion on Flinch stories within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; In the 1980's while on a hunting trip I knocked my scope rather badly and was concerned that it was off zero, so I decided ...

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Thread: Flinch stories

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    In the 1980's while on a hunting trip I knocked my scope rather badly and was concerned that it was off zero, so I decided to go prone and fire a shot to make sure I was still on target. My rifle is a Winchester M70XTR in 7mm Rem Mag with a Leupold Vari-X 3-10 power scope. The only place I had range enough to sample it was up hill. (Sighting uphill, from the prone, is a challenge for those of you who haven't tried it.) I sighted the rifle and fired. Apparently I didn't have a good shoulder weld with the rifle and when I fired the butt of the rifle slipped down my armpit and the scope rapped me firmly between the eyes. I still bear the scar of that day to remember it.
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    Took my sister out some years back, she was probably 110lbs. We had a good day of plinking, mostly .22. Towards the end of the day, my friend got out some clays and a hand thrower, and we started with the shotguns. I had my sis try a Beretta 12g pump loaded with bird shot on a 'floater' I threw up for her, she hit it first time!

    My buddy handed her his turkey gun, a cheap single shot, break-over H&R, complete with a magnum turkey load. She managed to keep her feet, but she was finished shooting for the day.

    Anyway, she didn't flinch ;)
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    Number 1:

    A friend "let" me shoot his .300 magnum rifle. He gave me a reload and it hit a bit low. I raised the sights a bit and fired another reload. This wasn't so bad I thought. I didn't realize how "downloaded" his reloads were.

    Nor did I catch the significance of "you're ready for a factory load now." Well, I wasn't. When I fired the rifle jumped back and up. I busted my nose with the thumb of my right hand - didn't bleed, but it was painful. And I swear there had to be skid marks across the concrete pad from my tennis shoes.

    I only had on a tee shirt and got a pretty good bruise.

    Number 2:
    I got the notion back in '99 that I needed a shotgun just in case Y2K was more than I expected. OK, I admit it, it was just an excuse to buy a gun. Further, I was going to take it to Gunsite and take their Tactical Shotgun course - that was one of the most enjoyable courses I have taken.

    I discovered Scattergun Technologies was about 120 miles from where I live and one rainy day my wife and I and Tangle (my dog, used to stay tangled up in my feet, hence the name) took off to Nashville and bought my hopped up Rem 870.

    Off to the range I go to shoot my new shottie. Loaded up five 00 and shot two of them. Hurt so bad I decided to try the slugs. Shot one of them and it hurt so bad I went home. I called Gunsite and told them of my experience and that there would be no way I could shoot over 500 rounds in a week.

    The instructor told me not to shoot it any more that it sounds like I didn't have the shotgun mounted correctly and they would teach me the correct way when I got there. They did; it made all the difference in the world and I had a great time.

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    We were at the range and a guy wanted to shoot my Ruger #1 in 416 Rem Mag. I told him to stand up, hold it firm to your shoulder, lean in a bit and keep your upper body kind of relaxed -- because it will turn you sideways and there's no way to stop that so don't get hurt. Just control the rifle but don't fight it.
    Of course, he says no gun will push him one bit and he tightens up everything he can and pulls the trigger. He told me that he thought it broke his back....

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