Buy my gun back from shop?

Buy my gun back from shop?

This is a discussion on Buy my gun back from shop? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; A couple of months ago I traded a firearm in for another. The shop still has it in stock. I was contiplating buying it back. ...

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Thread: Buy my gun back from shop?

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    Buy my gun back from shop?

    A couple of months ago I traded a firearm in for another. The shop still has it in stock. I was contiplating buying it back. Do you think he would let it go for what he gave me or will he charge "rent"?

    Anyone ever do this?
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    If the owner or manager is a smart business man he has only into the gun what he must so as to be able to return a profit when he sells it. Might catch him needing quick cash and get it for what he has in it. Be sure you deal with the same person, owner or manager. Taxes?

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    He ought to charge full price... that's just how that sort of situation works. Trading things in is usually a pretty bad deal from what I've seen.

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    If he's a business man he's not going to let you have it for what he gave for it. He's in business to turn a profit. If you went into a car dealer wanting to buy back a car you traded in last week, would you expect to get it back for the same trade-in value he gave you for it? You might be able to dicker with him on the price but don't expect to get it for what he gave you for it.

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    You're gonna pay more for it than he gave you. Believe that.

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    It depends... he might have gave you a little better deal in what ever you bought when you traded it in because he thought he might make up the difference in the sale of your trade in. I would expect to pay a little more than what you traded it in at, but I hope he doesnt gouge you. If you are a frequent customer (his definition of frequent might be different than yours) I would think he would take care of you. But it is only fair that he makes a few bucks off the entire transaction.

    Just wondering though, What is it?
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    You'd be better off buying a new one, you won't get cut any kind of deal and the thought of it might be more painful than just buying a new one.
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    Depending on how he does business, he may have taken the profit of the gun you traded it in on into consideration when valuing your trade.

    In other words, he may have actually paid more for your trade than you were shown on paper.

    The last time I brought this up it got complicated, so I'm pre-emptively explaining it here (I apologize if you get it):

    Traded Gun - dealer shows you $200
    Purchased Gun - dealer sells to you $400
    Purchased Gun - profit to dealer $50

    Traded Gun - actual value $175
    Purchased Gun - actual profit $25

    On the surface it looks like he should be willing to sell it to you for less... but that would mean cutting his profit to $25 when he would have made $50 selling it outright. Therefore, he will sell it to you for $225 to break even, not $200.
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    You might be shocked.
    Years ago I had to come up with some quick cash and parted with .44 magnum Desert Eagle. Local shop gave me $400 for it. When I came back a few weeks later they had it in the case for $1100. The guy said I could have it for $800.
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    +1 on buying a new one. Unless you have some sentimental attachment to the used one. (You must not though, you did trade it in)
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