I bought a RAMI a few weeks ago. I love the gun however the 14 round mag that it came with does not like to work. It will kind of feed ball ammo but at least once a mag a round will get stuck on the feed ramp. I tried some hollowpoints yesterday and every one got stuck. The 10 round mag works just fine however even with the hollow points. I bought a mag spring from wolff for a 75compact and put that in the 14rd mag but it was shorter than the original. I ordered another for a full size 75. Hopefully that will come in soon and will fit better. Wolff doesnt make mag springs for the RAMI so I am just trying to find a spring that will fit. Really pisses me off that one of the mags doesnt work.
I really dont want to send the gun to cz because I might not have it back for a few months. I specifically bought the gun for summer carry and by the time I would get the gun back it would be fall.
I have read on other posts that other people have had trouble with the 14 round mags. Since I only carry the gun with the 10rd mag in it it's not like I can't use it but then I only have 11 rounds. Maybe I should order another 10rd mag?