How fast is your reload?

How fast is your reload?

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Thread: How fast is your reload?

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    How fast is your reload?

    Wondering how fast you guys can make a reload?

    I meant reloading your pistol, not making bullets.
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    My reloads are way too slow.

    Glock 26: 3.5 - 5.0 seconds range, 4.2 sec average
    Kel Tec P-32: 3.5 - 6.0 seconds range, 4.8 sec average

    All times measured with a shot timer.

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    I use a single stage, and cry when I shoot belted ammo.
    not really.

    I use a single stage reloader so it does take me a while, but a lot of love goes into each round.

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    I wish I knew actually. Next time out, I'll have to count. I figure I've done pretty good at IPSC matches with the reloads even if I can't hit the steel.

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    The only time I've ever been on a timer, I was running about 2-2.5 seconds. This was shooting a Glock 17, using my normal mag-pouches without a cover garment, and racking the slide (not using the slide stop).
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    By the timer between shots 1.5 range if I am having a good day, some down close to 1.0, some up around 2.0. to2.25. That is a standing reload without slide lock... around 1.75 with slide lock. That is with 5-10 yard targets, 25 yard targets or more best add another 1-1.5 (oh yes 5-10 or much more when things really go bad)

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    I dry fire the reloads with a shot timer (setting par time to what I want to achieve, and dry firing at or before the beep). I start at 1.5 and usually end up around 1 with the USPSA Limited rig. With the IDPA or carry rig I start at 1.75 and usually end up around 1.3 or so.

    I start with higher times so I can get the smoothness, just relaxed and going easy, etc. After I dry fire five times with the sights in the "A" zone as the shot breaks, I drop it .1 seconds and do it again. If I screw up a few times in a row, I stop, put it all down for a few minutes, and do it without the timer until I have it nailed, and then start up where I left off.

    I seldom practice reloads on the range--that is for shooting! <g>

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    Shot-reload-shot is about 1.1 for me right now with my match setup (either open G17 or G21). Have never timed myself with my carry setup.

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    If it helps as a reference, several years ago I gathered data on times to complete various shooting tasks. The averages are based on just under 3000 data points so they should be fairly representative. Broken into quintiles (fifths), the results for both speed and slide lock reloads are:

    1st: 1.25 sec
    2nd: 1.75
    3rd: 2.25
    5th: 3.5

    above are rounded to nearest .25 sec

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    I'm right around 3.5, I'd like to be faster, I just haven't practiced speed reloads often enough. I guess I'll have to practice more.
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    I have never timed myself BUT

    during the course of IDPA and USPSA I have noticed my overall times improve! So by that gauge I recon that my reloading, accuracy and ability have improved

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    Thumbs up

    No problem....... Check this out......

    YouTube - fastest gun reloader in the world

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    4.42 seconds with my AK

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    With my flak and M-16A4 consistently right around 2 seconds to get it goin again.
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    its been a while but used to be able to draw and fire between 1.5-2 seconds from concealment and reload and fire in under 2.5. probably around 3 seconds now if it was 2.5 since i haven't practiced much and haven't done IDPA in about 5months and can't really recall the actual times might actually have been faster

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